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Know about 3 Famous Rabi crops in India

As is widely known, there are 2 types of crops in India – Kharif & Rabi. Apart from this we also have the Zayad crops, but in this article, we will get into the details of the Rabi crops. Crops have different seasons and the choice of them largely depends on the location and the rainfall as well. Also known as the winter crops, these are the crops sown from Mid-November onwards. The term Rabi comes from the Arabic word meaning ‘Spring’ and is harvested in the month of March, which means they grow larger during the cold seasons.

If the weather is unusually sunny or rainy during the cold months, then it can affect the growth of the Rabi crops. This is because these crops require extremely dry and cold weather to grow and then need a warmer climate to germinate before they can be harvested. Because they are grown in dry areas, these crop fields require frequent irrigation.

One of the main crops that is a Rabi crop and is also one of the staples in the country is Wheat. Apart from this mustard, barley, oats, chickpeas, etc. are also some important Rabi crops. Apart from these, spices or medicinal crops like cinnamon, cumin, fennel, and coriander also come under Rabi crops. One of the cash crops (grown largely for commercial purposes) during the Rabi season is Sugarcane.

Let’s talk a little about some of the main Rabi crops



Common name: Wheat

Botanical Name: Triticum aestivum

For our country, wheat is one of the main crops that brings a significantly large amount of agricultural income. India is the second-largest producer of wheat in the world. It grows at a temperature ideally at 14 to 18 degrees and rainfall of 55 to 100 cms. The state of Uttar Pradesh is the largest producer of this Rabi crop in our country, closely followed by Haryana and Punjab.

rabi crops wheat farming                                                                Wheat seed Rabi crops

Wheat is a cereal grain coming from the grass family and is said to give more nourishment than any other grain worldwide. It makes up for almost half of the carbohydrates and a significant part of the calorie intake consumed globally. A hot and humid climate can be considered to be harmful for wheat as it may encourage infestation of diseases like rust and root rot.

wheat germination rabi crops                                                                 wheat farming rabi crops

For the fertilizer sowing method before sowing, we recommend using the Marvel-G product at the quantity of 10kg/litre. Some of the other products you can use are FYM, DAP, Urea, Mop. For the seed treatment, after the sowing is done, you should use the Microbes/ Trichoz at a quantity of 3gm/kg. After the germination, along with the irrigation, use 1kg/acre of microbes. For tillering, we recommend Marvel, Hore Power, and ZinGap. For stem elongation, you can spray the crop with BhimPlus or F enhancer.

steam elongation wheat rabi crops                                                                  wheat farming last stage rabi crops


Chickpea (Gram)


Common name: Chickpea or Chana

Botanical Name: Cicer arietinum

Chickpea or Bengal gram, also commonly called ‘Chana’ is another very staple fodder as well as a cash crop. It is consumed as a pulse as well as in the flour form as ‘besan’ and is used in numerable snacks and sweets in India. The states of Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Maharashtra are the largest producer of the Rabi crop, chickpea in our country.

Chana basal stage rabi crops                                                                    chana Rabi crops

It grows at a temperature ideally at 20 to 30 degrees and rainfall of 65 to 90 cms. Although it is a Rabi crop, it cannot handle frost. The soils best for the chickpea crops are the black cotton soil and even though the rainfall required for it is higher than other Rabi crops, excessive rain can lead to heavy losses in the crop field. Here’s a detailed understanding of how Utkarsh can help your chickpea production.

after germination CHana rabi crops                                                                      chana flowring rabi crops

For the fertilizer sowing method before sowing, we recommend using the Marvel-G product at the quantity of 5kg/litre. Some of the other products you can use are FYM, SSP, Urea, Mop. For the seed treatment after the sowing is done, you should use the Microbes/ Trichoz at a quantity of 3gm/kg and Rhizoz at 240 ml/acre. After the germination, for using the drenching method, use 1kg/acre of microbes. For seed development, we recommend the Bhim Plus and F enhancer. If you observe any diseases, armyworms, cut worms, blight, gray mould, rust some good products are FungFree and Bio Clean Sweep.

chana seed rabi crops                                                                    Chana rabi crops




Common name: Oats

Botanical Name: Avena sativa

oats rabi crops

Cultivated oats have originated from another wild species of oats. It is one of the major cereal crops in India and is also power-packed with protein and nutrients. It is a crop that best grows in tropical and sub-tropical regions during dry and cold weather. It grows at a temperature ideally at 15 to 25 degrees and rainfall of 80 to 100 cms. While all types of soils are conducive for growing oats, the loam soil is best suited. The process is very similar to wheat farming, and this is one of the crops cultivated for fodder. With the latest trends of healthcare awareness, oats being a gluten-free crop really helps in boosting its popularity.

There are a lot of other Rabi crops that these products can help support, grow, sustain and manage. The priority is to have a healthy and good yield. As we welcome the cool breezes and longer nights, the Rabi season is upon us and it is time to buckle up for it. From preparation of the soil to the post-germination care of your crops, you can reach out to Utkarsh at and we’re committed to helping you.


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