Utkarsh Double Combi-A Necessity for Plant Nutrition
Utkarsh Double Combi- A Necessity for Plant Nutrition
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The Utkarsh Double Combi is a Chelated blend of Secondary and Micronutrients with Cobalt that contains EDTA. EDTA Chelation: What Does It Mean? Ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid, also known as EDTA, is the most effective chelating agent that can be used for phytoremediation. This is due to the fact that it has a strong ability to chelate different metals, as well as the fact that it also increases the bioavailability and plant uptake of the metals in the soil.

EDTA is not just the name of the substance itself, but also the name of the chemical compound that gives EDTA its name. Not only does it offer secondary nutrients such as calcium and magnesium, but it also offers the six micronutrients zinc, iron, boron, manganese, copper, and molybdenum, as well as cobalt in the form of EDTA chelation.

Product Specification of Double Combi

In the absence of certain components, which are referred to as vital elements, a plant’s life cycle cannot be completed. What is the difference between secondary and micronutrients? Given below is a table explaining the difference between the two:

These are the elements required by the plant for its growth in more quantity as compared to micronutrients, but lesser quantity as compared to macronutrients. These minerals are required in minute quantities for plant growth.
Maybe non-mineral or mineral elements. All are mineral elements.
These include Ca, Mg, and S. Cl, Fe, B, Mn, Zn, Cu, Mo, and Ni are micronutrients.
These play a role in the growth and development of plants. Acts as cofactors for enzymes and helps in electron transfer.
Composition Guaranteed (% w/w)
Calcium (as Ca) 1.0 % min
Magnesium (as Mg) 2.5 % min
Zinc (as Zn) 2.0 % min
Iron (as Fe) 2.0 % min
Manganese (as Mn) 1.0 % min
Boron (as B) 1.0 % min
Copper (as Cu) 0.5 % min
Molybdenum (as Mo) 0.05 % min
Cobalt (as Co) 0.005 % min
Color & From Pale Green to White Free Flowing Powder

When applying Utkarsh Double Combi by foliar spray, the recommended dosage is 2-3 gm/ liter, and when applying it through drip irrigation or soil application, the recommended dosage is 0.5-1 kg/ acre.

Double Combi is helpful in preventing mixed crop deficits in a variety of forms that might arise gradually at various growth stages of crops.

Double Combi product How to use

Utkarsh Double Combi has helped in the successful harvest of many plants, and here are some customer reviews from amazon:

  1. 1) “It’s a very important role in my garden. mainly my rose plant. In my garden, some plants are affected by micronutrient deficiency. At that time I bought this product and used it in my plant. 2 weeks later My problem was solved and got new growth also. I mixed Epsom salt and Humic also to get the best result.” – Shree

2) “I received the product about a month ago, properly packed and delivered on time. Weight was as specified on the package. I used it on my grafted rose plants which were showing indications of various nutrient deficiencies and heavily curled leaves. And astonishingly by the next week, the plant started sprouting new leaves which were properly formed. Now both plants have good leaves and flowers. Hibiscus has also shown good results. Currently using on orchids and so far no negative impacts have been seen. Very much satisfied with the product. And a big advantage is that one does not need to know exactly which nutrients to add, all the necessary ones are in this mix.” – pal

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