About Utkarsh

Utkarsh was founded in 1999 by Mr. Sameer Allawadi, Chemical Engineer and Management Graduate with the sole aim to make farming profitable and farmers prosperous by keeping the soil and environment healthy.

Utkarsh Agrochem Pvt Ltd is the leading manufacturer of various non-poisonous biological, plant extract, chelated and PGR based products for controlling different types of pests and insects and making crop and trees healthy. We also import different kinds of fertilizers and Plant Growth Regulators (PGRs) and formulate various products for getting different results like root formation, stem formation, healthy growth of leaves, excellent flowering etc.


We also have state-of-art laboratory for manufacturing different biological fertilizers and pesticides.

We have our own in-house research laboratory for product development, product testing and soil-water analysis

Product Range:

  1. Biological products like Biofertilizers, Biopesticides, Biofungicides, Composting Cultures, Granules etc
  2. EDTA and Amino Acid chelated products
  3. Plant Growth Regulator based products
  4. Products for Hydroponics like Cocopeat, Vermiculite, Perlite etc
  5. Plant extract based insecticides for controlling thrips, mites, white fly, aphid, jassid
  6. Other Range like Silica based adjuvant spreader, pH Balancer, pheromene lures etc

Environment Loving Company:

All products of Utkarsh are non-poisonous and Environment friendly with complete safety for soil, water, air, Environment and Human beings and other living creatures.

Distribution Network:

Utkarsh products are sold through well-established dealers network and also sold various online marketing portals like Amazon, IndiaMart, Trade India etc.


We are also into the consultancy of various fruit crops as below

Horticulture farming consultancy

Banana farming consultancy

Papaya farming consultancy

Mango farming consultancy

Pomegranate farming consultancy

Sugarcane Farming consultancy

Vivid Description

  • Utkarsh will be a leading conglomerate in providing highly effective & result oriented solutions to the farmers and entire farming community of the world
  • Utkarsh will have Pan India presence with over 500 UPM (Utkarsh Parivaar Members)
  • Utkarsh will be having world class Research Laboratory with it’s corporate office of 50,000 sq ft
  • Utkarsh will be operational in most of African and South American Countries with offices in USA, Europe and Australia
  • Utkarsh will be awarded with Public Health Champion for “sustained contribution to the field of public health”, by World Health Organization
  • Utkarsh will become GPTW (Great Place To Work) for providing happy, stress free, progressive, discipline, loving and learning life to its members
  • Utkarsh will be a sought after company for the people who want to partner in order to make contribution for the development of nation and world as a whole
  • Utkarsh will be known worldwide for its agility, lively and accelerating operations
  • Utkarsh will be known as best place for budding entrepreneurs and for intrapreneurs where every division is decentralized to work innovatively
  • Utkarsh will have the best of scientists for research, best of faculty for training, best of the consultants and best of the leaders & managers


Why Choose Us?

  • We are extremely good at what we do
  • We understand business
  • We know how communications work
  • We care about what we do
  • We have well-qualified team in Pre-sales
  • We have well-qualified team in Technical Services

Job Opportunities

Utkarsh acts as a major organization in solving any agriculture problems with best results and higher production. An exciting future awaits you at Utkarsh. Browse the opportunities in your field all over the country. These position are for people who love to work with plants, enjoy being more outdoor, but also like to understand agro science.