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Pests and insects have adversely affected agriculture production. The presence of insects can cause problems by damaging crops or decreasing food production, parasitizing livestock, or being a nuisance and health hazard for humans. Therefore, effective pest control is essential for farms and agriculture. Even though pesticides are used to [...]
1) What is Utkarsh Agrochem? Utkarsh Agrochem Pvt Ltd. Is the top manufacturer and seller of non-toxic biological, plant extract, chelated, and PGR-based solutions for maintaining the health of crops and trees and combating various pests and insects organically. We also import numerous fertilizers and plant growth regulators (PGRs) [...]
Beauveria Bassiana, Chemical insecticides have proven to be astonishingly successful against agricultural pests and medically relevant arthropods. Despite this, chemical insecticides frequently have issues with pesticide resistance as well as environmental impact. Because of this, bioinsecticides, such as those derived from entomopathogenic fungi, are rapidly emerging as prime replacements. [...]
Production of Lentil in India -Introduction Lentils are a type of pulses like red lentils, moong, yellow gram, split chickpea, pigeon peas etc. They are India’s second most important Rabi crop after chickpeas (they are sown in winter and harvested in spring). In India, lentil cultivation covers roughly 1.5 [...]
Agriculture is the primary source of income for approximately 58 percent of India’s total population. Additionally, the agricultural states of the country are producing food grains and other food products of high quality. The agricultural sector in India is experiencing phenomenal expansion and is making significant contributions to international [...]
Understanding what organic farming is:  A production approach known as “organic farming” forgoes or mainly forgoes the use of synthetically formulated fertilizers, herbicides, growth regulators, genetically modified organisms, and additives to livestock feed.   It is crucial to practice organic farming, a comprehensive method of production management that maintains [...]
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Fertilizers improve the growth and productiveness of the plant. Natural fertilizers have probably been used since agriculture has come into existence. But in modern times, chemical fertilizers have become extremely popular and convenient since they give better and quick results. Chemical fertilizers are basically divided into four categories based [...]