3 Best Farming schedule kit for Chilli, Gourd and Papaya crops by Utkarsh

May 19, 2023

3 Best Farming schedule kit for Chilli, Gourd and Papaya crops by Utkarsh

Farming Schedule Kits: What is the need?

Every crop has its unique requirements. The nutrients that the chili crop needs may vary drastically from the nutrients that the gourd crop may need.

Following the same approach for all your crops may give you some results but if you aim to have a great and fruitful yield, you need to pick a different approach for each of your crops.

A reason why farming requires a lot of research, planning, effort, and time.

At Utkarsh, we understand the unique requirement for each crop as we have spent years researching and studying the different needs, growth stages, and harvesting techniques of crops.

Extensive studies led to the development of what we call product kits – the one-stop for all your crop requirements.

A product kit contains all the essentials that your crop requires. From pest controllers to growth promoters, everything comes in one kit.

The best part about buying product kits is that you can buy the products at a much cheaper rate as compared to buying the products individually.

At this moment, we are providing an overall discount of up to 59% on these kits, and keeping your convenience in mind, the buying process for these kits is made easier and you’ll get everything on one single scheduled delivery date.

Isn’t that so much efficient?

Let’s go into the details of the different available product kits.

The benefits of buying Utkarsh Product Farming Schedule Kits


A GREAT YIELD: We have studied the field of agriculture over the years and carried out extensive research when it comes to the requirements of each different crop. This has led to the making of our product farming schedule kits. These product farming schedule kits are specifically made for each stage throughout the crop’s journey and thus you can be guaranteed that using them would mean having better quality and quantity of the yield.

COST EFFECTIVE: If you buy the products individually, the price may shoot up drastically. Not only that, as our product farming schedule kits are available in multiples of 1 acre, whether you are a small farming business just starting or a business looking to expand, we have various plans for you. All you need to do is buy in multiples.

At the moment, we are also running a whopping discount of up to 25% over and above the normal farming schedule kit rate discount which means you can get an overall discount of up to 59% on our website across product category farming schedule kits. There literally couldn’t be a better time to buy our product farming schedule kits and save your money in the process.

CONVENIENCE: Instead of opting to buy individual products and waiting time and again to get them delivered, our product farming schedule kits are made to ensure that the buying process is convenient for you. As a farmer, you are already too busy with taking care of your crops and planning for the next season, why take on the unnecessary load of buying individual products and getting them delivered at a slow pace?

Chili Farming Schedule Kit

Chilli is a spicy fruit that is used in almost every type of cuisine. Indian chilies are famous all around for their color and pungency. It is known by many various local names in India like Mirchi, Lanka, etc.

India is one of the top producers of chili farming followed by China, Spain, Peru, and Mexico.

The top Chilli Farming states in India are Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Orissa, and Madhya Pradesh.

Being tropical and subtropical plants, chili farming requires warm and sunny weather.

During the growth stage, chili farming requires a warm and humid atmosphere while during the fruit maturity, dry weather is preferable. A range of 20 to 25 degrees Celsius is the ideal temperature for chili farming.

A very high temperature and a relatively low humidity level may lead to deflowering and fruits if developed may turn out to be quite small.

The recommended pH of the soil is anywhere between 6.5 and 7.5. The type of soil for chili farming is black soil or deltaic soil under irrigated conditions.

The preferable season for growing it as a Kharif crop is during May-June and as a rabi crop is during September-October.

The Utkarsh 1 Acre Kit for chili farming is divided into four parts:

Utkarsh 1 Acre Kit for Chili Farming Basal Dose Soil

Chili Farming Kit: Basal Soil Stage

Utkarsh 1 Acre Kit for Chili Farming Flowering and Fruit Setting

Chili Farming Kit: Flowering & Fruit Setting stage Kit

Utkarsh 1 Acre Kit for Chili Farming Fruit Development and Maturity

Chili Farming Kit: Fruit development and maturity stage

Utkarsh 1 Acre Kit for Chili Farming Fruit Quality, Weight, and Size

Chili Farming Kit: Fruit quality weight size

Gourd Farming Schedule Kit

The gourd is an important crop in our country. All types of gourds have high nutritional value and thus have high demand.

The soil required for gourd farming can be well-drained sandy or clay loam or medium black soils rich in organic matter. It is said that the alluvial soils along the river beds are also good for gourd farming.

The best climate for gourd farming is a place with a warm and hot climate. The temperature range of 24 to 27 degrees celsius is considered ideal.

In gourd farming, The seeds germinate best when temperatures are higher than 18 degrees celsius. You should also be careful that during vegetative growth, high humidity is not there otherwise the crop will catch hold of various fungal diseases.

The Utkarsh 1 Acre Kit for Gourd Farming Growth and Flowering contains Marvelz-G (a biofertilizer and growth enhancer), Roots multiplier, Stress-Free, Microbes (a combination for growth and protection), Vamoz-S, MAP, NPK, NOP, Horse Power (for quick maturity of stem and trunk), F-enhancer (for boosting weight and quality), Calcium nitrate and Magnesium sulphate.

Gourd Farming Kit: Growth and Flowering Stage

The Utkarsh 1 Acre Kit for Gourd Farming Fruit Setting and Development includes MKP, BeShape, Horsepower, Stress free, Calcium nitrate, Release, NOP, Combi-2, F-enhancer, Bio Clean Sweep, Fung free, Neemoz, Panther, Marvel, Virimune.

Gourd Farming Kit: Fruit Setting and Development stage

For fruit quality and maturity, the Utkarsh 1 Acre Kit for Gourd Farming Fruit Maturity, Quality, and Weight that contains about 17 products should be used.

Gourd Farming Kit: Fruit Setting and Development stage

Papaya Farming Schedule Kit

Owing to the high nutritional and medicinal value of papaya, it has huge commercial importance in India.  

Papaya Farming starts during February-March, in the spring season. It grows well in rich sandy loam soils that are well-drained or medium black soils that are free from waterlogging. It is recommended that the soil for papaya farming should have a pH between 6.5-7. The depth of the soil is not that important as it is a shallow-rooted crop but the soil should be well-drained. 

Papaya Famring is done in tropical or subtropical climates, the ideal temperature range for it is 25 to 30 degrees celsius. A temperature below 10 degrees celsius could result in the late-ripening of papaya. It is not advised to plan papaya famring in high rainfall areas as collar-rot disease can cause the death of these plants. 

 The Utkarsh 1 Acre Kit for Papaya Farming Foundation and Virus Prevention contains a total of 12 different products: Microbes, Vamoz-L, Horse power, Roots Multiplier, Stress Free, Prime all, Neemoz- Silver, VIROZ, Combi -2, Silfert, Virimune and Double Combi. 

Papaya Farming Kit: Foundation and Virus Prevention Stage

These product kits are made in such a way that it not only provides the necessary nutrients and minerals to your crops but also protects it from various diseases.

So, celebrate the sowing and harvesting of your crops with these product kits and get a yield like never before.

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