6 Best Stages for Leafy Vegetables Cultivation

May 19, 2023

6 Best Stages for Leafy Vegetables Cultivation

Leafy vegetables have an abundance of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Eating a good, adequate portion every day protects you from various diseases. Consuming leafy vegetables also increases the lifespan of a person. The body feels fresh and healthy since it gets all the nutrients required by it to function properly. Green leafy vegetables are getting extremely popular these days since people are getting health conscious and want to consume healthily. There are many health benefits of leafy vegetables, which include, weight management, mortality rate, immune function, cardiovascular diseases and many more.

Growing leafy vegetables is easy and fruitful if done systematically.

Stages of Leafy Vegetables Cultivation

Soil and Climate:

Leafy vegetables do not require a lot of sunlight to grow, and 6 hours of sunlight daily is more than enough for them. This ensures a higher quality of the harvest. Leafy vegetable crops should be avoided from being planted in heavy clayey soil or sandy soil. The ideal soil pH for leafy vegetables would be between 5.5 and 6.5. The soil should be dampened before the seeds are sprinkled. It also requires a lot of water to grow. It can grow in irrigation fields as well as rainfed fields.

In this blog, we will be giving step by step complete procedure of growing green leafy vegetables (coriander, palak and fenugreek).

1 ) Before sowing: Basal dose of fertilizers should be given at this stage. FYM 6-7 t/acre, Urea 35kg/ acre, DAP 20kg/ acre, and MOP 20kg/ acre should be given by soil application.


2 ) Seed treatment: This is an important stage because it protects seeds and seedlings from seed and soil-borne diseases. At this stage, when the seeds are sown, Utkarsh Microbes should be given 3gm/ kg.

leafy vegetables cultivation seed

3 ) After germination: A germination is a process in which the seed develops into a seedling. This is the stage where the seeds have germinated, and at 5 leaves stage, Utkarsh Microbes and Vamoz L should be given, each 1kg/ litre by drenching. 20 days after germination, Utkarsh Horse Power 7kg/ litre, Roots Multiplier 1kg/ litre and Stress Free 1kg/ litre by drenching.

leafy vegetables cultivation after seed sowing

4 ) Leafy growth: This stage is when the leaves start appearing on the plant. This first takes place 25 days after germination, and during this time, Utkarsh Prime All and Utkarsh Stress Free should be used, both 2gm/ litre. Again 35 days after germination, Prime All and Stress free should be given, 2gm/ litre. Both the times these products should be given by spraying.

Leafy growth leafy vegetables cultivation

5 ) After every cutting: Utkarsh Horse Power 7kg/ litre, Utkarsh Roots Multiplier, and Utkarsh Stress Free, both 1kg/ litre should be applied by drenching. Utkarsh Prime All 2gm/ litre, and Utkarsh Bhim Plus5ml/ litre should be given to the plant by spraying. Urea should be given 10kg/ acre by soil application.

leafy vegetables cultivation

6 ) Diseases or insects observed:

If you see wilt, damping off or root rot on your plant, Utkarsh FungFree 1 litre should be used by drenching or drip irrigation. FungFree is a bio pesticide that is effective against all types of pathogens that affect the crop.

If there are root knots or nematodes, Utkarsh NematoNIL or NemoFungo 1 litre should be applied by drenching or drip irrigation. NematoNIL is a bio pesticide that is made by the process of biotechnology for controlling all kinds of nematodes. NemoFungo is a consortium of various fungi which is used to get rid of soil-borne fungus along with nematodes.

leafy vegetables cultivation

If you see powdery mildew, leaf spot or anthracnose, Utkarsh FungFree 2m/ litre should be applied by spraying.

If certain insects are seen on the crops: Aphids, Thrips, Cut Worms, Army Worms, Spider Mites, then Utkarsh Bio Clean Sweep should be applied, 2ml/ litre, to get rid of them. It should be applied by spraying. Bio Clean Sweep is a bio pesticide. When the spores of this fungus come in contact with the insect, it grows directly through the cuticle to the inner body. It produces toxins in the insect’s body, depriving it of nutrients, and eventually killing it.

If leaf minor or beetles are seen, Utkarsh Neemoz CP should be used 4ml/ litre by spraying. It is cold-pressed neem oil. It is effective against all types of harmful pests.



Most green leafy vegetables take time to mature. Most of these are planted in spring for an early summer harvest. Leafy vegetables can be picked early as well when the leaves are young. The only difference will be that the taste would be milder as compared to matured leaves.

In other cases, the mature and larger leaves can be picked, leaving the rest to grow completely.

Green leafy vegetables are something which should be included in a person’s everyday diet, are very nutritious and are necessary to live a healthy lifestyle. All of the products mentioned above help in increasing the yield and providing you with better green leafy vegetables. All those products are available on the main website and Amazon.

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