Our Incredible India – A Global Agricultural Powerhouse

May 19, 2023

Our Incredible India – A Global Agricultural Powerhouse

Many people are unaware that India’s agricultural products earn more money than commerce in services or manufacturing. India can increase its farm exports and contribute to its prosperity with effective help.

In recent decades, the anatomy of global agriculture has undergone a full transformation and is now structurally very different. According to the CIA’s World Factbook, global agricultural output in 2014 was $ 4,771 billion. However, only six countries account for 42 percent of total output; China ($ 1,005 billion) is the largest producer, followed by India ($ 367 billion). As can be seen, developing countries account for five of the top six world agricultural producers. China and India, in fact, account for about a third of the worldwide total.

India's agricultural

India – At the forefront of the Agricultural Revolution

India’s agriculture, contrary to common belief, is a success story worthy of expert debate in international venues. In the services and manufacturing sectors, India is ranked 11th and 12th, respectively, and second in the agricultural sector. Agriculture in India in the twenty-first century is structurally different, diverse, stronger, and superior to that of the Green Revolution.

From the 1970s to the late 1990s, India’s agricultural GDP increased from $ 25 billion to $ 101 billion, a $ 76 billion increase in absolute terms. However, over the next 14 years, from 2000 to 2014, it jumped from $ 101 billion to $ 367 billion, a staggering $ 266 billion increase. In other words, agriculture has grown 350 percent faster in the last 14 years than it did in the previous 30 years.

Many people are also unaware that this expansion is being spearheaded by states that aren’t traditionally thought of as agriculturally progressive. High-value areas such as dairy, horticulture, and inland fisheries are driving India’s growth.

These three divisions generate year-round revenue for farmers and account for 60% of India’s agricultural GDP. No wonder Uttar Pradesh, undivided Andhra Pradesh, and Maharashtra now rank first, second, and third in agricultural production, respectively, relegating grain-centric states like Punjab and Haryana to tenth and twelfth place.

Agriculture in India is no longer the underdog. It has made remarkable success in recent years and now ranks as the world’s second-largest food producer, with sales of $ 367 billion in 2014. The country’s agricultural output exceeds that of the United States, which used to supply food grains to India to help alleviate our local food scarcity. Many people are unaware that India’s international agriculture commerce earns the country more money than the trade-in services or manufacturing.

We have various strengths as a country that position us advantageously. India’s topography, climate, and soil diversity make it a natural multi-product agricultural powerhouse. We produce more crops than any other country. India has the highest cropping intensity in the world. Small-scale, family farms in the country practice a unique type of mixed agri-horti-livestock farming, which is a cost-effective strategy that would be suitable for other developing countries with small farms. Indian farmers multitask and easily switch from agricultural cultivation to animal husbandry, allowing them to be busy all year. In general, India’s agriculture sector has become a global leader as a result of its adaptability.

According to the World Trade Organization, India is ranked 19th in merchandise exports but 6th in agricultural exports. This demonstrates India’s agricultural global competitiveness. In 2014, global agricultural exports were $ 1,765 billion, with India accounting for 2.5 percent of the total. India’s Agri-exports can easily acquire a 5% share in the next three years with improved concentration.

Table 1.  India:  Market Size of Indian Agricultural Products
 Units: $ billion 2017 2018 2019 2020
Total Exports 32.2 32.7 31.0 33.4
Total Imports 27.8 22.3 22.7 22.1

Source:  Directorate General of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, Trade Data Monitor

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India’s Agriculture – Leading the way into the future

India has an agrarian economy, with agriculture accounting for half of the labor market and arable land accounting for more than 54 percent of the country’s territory. In terms of production volume for numerous commodities such as rice, wheat, cotton, sugar, horticulture, and dairy, India ranks among the world’s leaders. Agriculture, as well as associated industries like forestry and fishing, make for 19.9% of the country’s GDP. As a result, agriculture has had a significant impact on Indian economics, politics, and society.

According to the World Bank, India has undergone a historic agricultural revolution, transforming the country from chronic reliance on grain imports into a worldwide agricultural powerhouse that is now a net food exporter.

The Make in India project has a lot of potential for recognizing and championing Indian farmers and providing prospects for a better future for the country.

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