Webinar Recording of Profitable Banana Farming-In English

Water, Temperature Effects, Pre-plantation Planning, Plantation Distance, Sowing, Post Sowing Actions For Banana Farming 11:23 – Care During Different Stages Of Monsoon, Symptoms Of A Healthy Plant, Actions During Winter And Summer, Foliar Feeding For Banana Farming 24:00 – Fertilizer Recommendation At Different Stages, Total Nutrients Per Acre, Demand Of Fertilizers At Various Stages, Nutrient Absorption Sequence, Nutrient Uptake, Irrigation For Banana Farming 31:03 – Nutrients Required And Their Deficiency Symptoms And Available Fertilizers For Banana Plant 42:36 – Fruit Care Of Banana Plant, Toxicity Effects, Pest And Disease Management Using Utkarsh products for banana farming 48:10 – Symptoms Of Physical Damage, Weed Control, Use Of Herbicides, Economics For banana Farming Banana Farming List of Products we talked about:

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This Webinar Recording is a guide from day one of sowing till the harvesting covering all the points on extra care, products, services etc required for each and every crucial period of the plant lifecycle. यह वेबिनार बुवाई के एक दिन पहले से लेकर फसल की कटाई तक एक मार्गदर्शक होगा जिसमे हम फसल के जीवन चक्र की प्रत्येक महत्वपूर्ण अवधि के लिए अतिरिक्त देखभाल और उत्पादों का कैसे और कब उपयोग करना है उसपर चर्चा करेंगे। 

About Speaker: Mr. Sameer Allawadi is an Agriculturist and Consultant for the past 21 years and is known to be an expert on crop cultivation, farming for banana, pomegranate, guava, chickoo, mango and sugarcane and has increased upto 40% yield. He consults over pan India level with the sole motive of helping Indian Farmers to achieve better results and profitability from their hard work over the year. His company Utkarsh Agrochem Pvt Ltd works with a vision in consideration of environmental consciousness & manufactures more than 80 non-poisonous products for Agriculture, Horticulture, Hydroponics, Floriculture, Aquarium plants, Organic farming. 

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