Utkarsh Nematoz–P Paecilomyces Lilacinus 1.0% W.P, Bio Nematicide
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Utkarsh Nematoz–P Paecilomyces Lilacinus 1.0% W.P, Bio Nematicide


Paecilomyces Lilacinus 1.0% W.P.

(2 x 10^6 CFU/gm,, minimum)

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• Nematoz – P is a biopesticide works as bio nematicide prepared by concept of Biotechnology. Nematoz – P is made from an advance strain of paecilomyces lilacinus.
• Nematoz – P has the ability to colonize the eggs of wide range of phytopathogenic nematodes, Sometimes it colonizes the female Nematode also.
• Nematoz – P also effective over larvae of many Nematodes while remaining harmless to other beneficial insects and microflora.
• Nematoz – P has broad spectrum activity against Root knot Nematodes, Cyst Nematodes, Reniform Nematodes, Stunt Nematode affecting Banana, Tobacco, Vegetables and Orchards. It is also effective on White Grubs and other soil borne pathogens.

Target crops

Potato, Tomato, Marigold, Chilli, Banana, Tobacco, Vegetables and Orchards, Banana, Papaya, Pomegranate, Brinjal, Guava, Apple, Water melon, Musk melon, Orange


Mixing in Organic manure/Neem cake/Castor cake.


Dose – 2-4 kg/Acre.


Weight 0.970 kg
Dimensions 29 × 24 × 2 cm

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