Utkarsh Paddy Microbes ( Consortium Of Various Selected Bacteria,Fungi And Algae)

Utkarsh Paddy Microbes ( Consortium Of Various Selected Bacteria,Fungi And Algae)


Product Specifications:

Content Count
Cyanobacteria Spp. 1 x 109 CFU/ml (min.)
Azospirillium Lipoferum 1 x 109 CFU/ml (min.)
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  • Utkarsh Rice Microbes is a unique microorganism based consortium of various selected bacteria, fungi and algae which is most useful, suitable and beneficial for water logged crop like paddy.  
  • Utkarsh Rice Microbes is 100℅ natural and environment friendly bio fertilizer 
  • Benefits 
  • Utkarsh Rice Microbes has strong ability to do photosynthesis and produce available form of nitrogen for plant growth.  
  • Utkarsh Rice Microbes maintains soil health and improve soil fertility.  
  • Utkarsh Rice Microbes provides several vitamins, minerals and nutrients to the rice plant and makes the plant healthy.  
  • Utkarsh Rice Microbes partially controls weeds, mosquitos, nematodes and sucking pests.  
  • Utkarsh Rice Microbes is 100℅ natural and non-toxic to plants.  
  • Utkarsh Rice Microbes helps in stabilizing C:N ratio of soil.  
  • Utkarsh Rice Microbes helps in increasing  the crop yield by 20-30℅. 
  • Replace chemical nitrogen by 20℅. 

Best use within 20days after opening the inner cap of the bottle


Utkarsh Agrochem Pvt.Ltd.

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1 liter, 1 ltr x 2, 1 ltr x 3, 5 ltr x 1