Utkarsh 1 Acre Kit For Banana Bunch Development kit
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Utkarsh 1 Acre Kit For Banana Bunch Development kit

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Utkarsh Bunch  Development Kit of  Banana.

List of Products Includes In This Kit.

1)Utkarsh F-Enhancer (Quality and Weight Boosting Fertilizer for Flowers and Fruits)=(1kg x 1Nos).

4)Utkarsh combi-2 (EDTA Chelated Mix MIcronutrient) =(1kg x 2Nos).

5)Utkarsh Calcium Nitrate – Ca(NO3)2 (100% Water Soluble Fertilizer)(Drip Irrigation)=(900gm x 16Nos).

6) Utkarsh-Release (For Enhancing The Ion Exchange Capacity Of Fertilizers) = (1Liter x 3Nos).

7)Utkarsh NOP (13:00:45) (Potassium Nitrate) KNO3 Specially Crystalline 100% Water Soluble Complex Fertilizer (Drip Irrigation Fertilizer)=(900gm x 7Nos).

8)Utkarsh Bhim Plus (For Increasing Fruits and Flowers Size With Quality)=(500ml x 2Nos).

9)Utkarsh SOP (00:00:50 + 17.5 S) (Potassium Sulphate) K2SO4 Speciality Powder Fully Water Soluble Fertilizer (Foliar Spray Nutrition)=(900gm x 22Nos).

10)Utkarsh Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salt)(MgSO4.7H2O)=(900gm x 11Nos).