Utkarsh Algae Free for Aquarium

Utkarsh Algae Free for Aquarium


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  • Utkarsh Algae Free is specifically meant to clean algae in planted or non-planted aquariums. Over exposure to lights and over availability of nutrients are two most common reasons of algae boom in captive water. If not treated on time it may severely impact underwater lives, including plants and fishes. Algae free tanks or tanks with almost no algae looks stunningly beautiful. 


  • Utkarsh Algae Free could kill several algae such as green algae, brown algae, black algae, black beard algae etc.  
  • Utkarsh Algae Free Clean up the greenish or brownish aquarium water, which is due to the algae presence.  
  • Utkarsh Algae Free Could reduce the aquarium’s biological demand for nutrition. Thus helping other plants and fishes to thrive. Could be used in either freshwater or saltwater aquariums or artificial ponds. 
  • Application: Make stock solution by adding 100 ml Utkarsh Algae Free in 1 litre RO/distilled water and add that solution to water 


  • For controlling existing algae, use 30-100 ml of above stock solution per 50 litre water tank. 
  • For prevention, give 20-30 ml stock solution per 50 litre water tank –  weekly or at every water change.  
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