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Utkarsh Aqua Plants Microbes

Utkarsh Aqua Plants Microbes

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  • Product Specifications:
    Content Count
    De- Nitrifying Bacteria 1×108 CFU/ml (min)
    Phosphate Solubitizing Bacteria 1×108 CFU/ml (min)
    Potash Mobilizing Bacteria 1×108 CFU/ml (min)
    Zinc Solubitizing Bacteria 1×108 CFU/ml (min)
    Sulfur Solubilizing Bacteria 1×108 CFU/ml (min)
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  • Microbes for Aquarium and aquatic plants 


  • Utkarsh Aqua Plants Microbes is a combination of various microorganisms which are beneficial for both aquatic system and aquatic plant.  
  • Utkarsh Aqua Plants Microbes helps in clean, clear, hygienic water and controlling disease.  
  • Utkarsh Aqua Plants Microbes keeps all aquatic lives healthy and beautiful. 
  • Utkarsh Aqua Plants Microbes also contains various microorganisms which have ability to produce many plant growth promoters and plant growth promoting hormones. 
  • Utkarsh Aqua Plants Microbes convert phosphate, zinc, Sulphur, silica and potassium into available form to the plant making them healthy.  
  • Utkarsh Aqua Plants Microbes use fish excreta and unused extra food as a nutrition and convert it into simple organic form. As a result, concentration of ammonia, nitrate and nitrite are decreases which are helpful to aquatic ecosystem. 
  • Recommendation 
  • Use 10-20 ml Utkarsh Aqua Plants Microbes per 50 Litre of Aquarium water or Aquatic system. Use it weekly after changing water. 
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