Utkarsh Beveroz - P (Beauveria bassiana 1.15% W.P.) (Western Flower Thrips) Bio Pesticides - Utkarsh Agrochem
Utkarsh Beveroz – P (Beauveria bassiana 1.15% W.P.) (Western Flower Thrips) Bio Pesticides

Utkarsh Beveroz – P (Beauveria bassiana 1.15% W.P.) (Western Flower Thrips) Bio Pesticides

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Beauveria bassiana 1.15% W.P. 1 x  108 CFU/gm, minimum
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900 gm
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• Beveroz- P is a biopesticide works as bio-insecticide prepared by concept of Biotechnology. Beveroz – P is made from the Beauveria bassiana, fungus which causes a disease known as the white muscadine in insects.
• When spores of Beveroz – P fungus come in contact with susceptible insects, they germinate and grow directly through the cuticle to the inner body.
• Here Beveroz – P fungus proliferates throughout the insect’s body, producing toxins and draining the insect of nutrients, eventually killing it.
• TARGET INSECTS:- Mealy Bugs, American Bollworm & other larval pests, Grubs, Beetles, White fly, Jassids, Thrips, Mites, Termites etc.

Target crops

Papaya, Sapota and Water Melons, Cotton, Ground nut, Tomato, Brinjal, Chilli, Capsicum, Okra, Pea, Cowpea, French bean, Bottle gourd, Bitter gourd, Ridge gourd, Sponge gourd, Cucumber, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Mangos, Western Flower Thrips,  Banana Fresh

Application and dosage

  • Foliar spray for Borer & cutworm: 7-10 gm/litre water.
  • Soil Application – for root grubs: 1-2 kg/acre by drenching  or can be mixed with 250 kg of organic fertilizer or field soil and can be applied uniformly.
  • Drip System: 1-2 kg/acre by drip irrigation.
  • Apply preferably in the early morning or during the late evening hours. Use the spray solution as a direct spray targeting the pests on the undersides of the leaves.

Best use within 20days after opening the inner cap of the bottle

Frequently Asked Questions for Utkarsh Beveroz – P (Beauveria bassiana 1.15% W.P.) :

Q: How to use Beveroz for Western Flower Thrips in Chili Farm?
Beveroz P – 8 gram
Per litre water

Do 2 to 3 sprays with 5 to 7 days interval

Q: Utkarsh bio clean sweep is available on amazon or not??
A: Available.

Q: Can i use this with Trichoze-p?
A: Yes

Q: What is the recommended grams to ml of water proportion is being used on potted plants?
A: 7-10 gms per litre water

Q: Can i use this with Trichoz-p?
A: Yes

Q: Can i use it for red sprider mites.?
A: Not very effective.

Q: What is manufacturing date and expiry date of this product
A: Currently we are supplying April and May 2021 manufactured product.

Q: What’s the recommended per leter dose in grams for soil application?
A: 5 to 8 grams per litre water.

Q: Bulk purchase rate
A: Ask the seller directly.

Q: Is it advisable to use the product in regions with heavy rainfall and high moisture content? What are the repercussions of using Beauvaria bassiana
A: Beveroz works well in presence of moisture or high moisture. With heavy rainfall, the bacteria may flow away. So use it accordingly.

Q: Is it ok to add it in water for watering potted plant instead of spray or steam?
A: For ball worms, you need to spray. For grubs or maggots, you need to give in pot with water

Q: Can I use this on lawn turf to get rid of ants
A: Yes. We recommend to use Utkarsh GrubNIL that also contains Beauveria bassiana.

Q: Is this useful in humani larvae control?
A: Yes. You can. Also, Metarhoz is useful.

Q: Can i use it with M-45 or Saaf? Please tell me
A: Never.

Q: 20 kg Bulk rate
A: Around 190/kg

Q: Can i use this to treat soil before planting citrus plant? Also, can i use this fir soil treatment around banana plants and to spray on it?
A: Yes for both question.

Q: Will it work with virus leaf curling
A: It will control pests that act as a vector for spreading virus.

Q: is it effective on leaf cutter worm
A: Yes. Provided it comes in contact with leaf cutter worm.

Q: How to mix it in water to spray if talc is the base? Doesn’t it clog the sprayer or leave white residue on plants?
A: Take 8-9 gm per litre water and spray.
Talc is water dispersant and its particles are smaller than the spray pump nozzle. So it will not clog the sprayer.
It may leave minor white residue which is washed easily.

Q: Expired date of the products how many days
A: One year from date of manufacturing. Currently we are despatching February and March 2020 manufactured products

Q: Please let us know the expiry of beauveria
A: Mostly it is six months.

Q: Can this be used for pest control ? Specially bed bugs.
A: No. It is for the garden.

Q: Is it to be foliar sprayed in the form of a stream or as a mist (pressure sprayer).
A: Stream will give better results

Q: Can we use this to get rid white grub in soil of potted plant?
A: Yes. Apply in such a way that it should come in contact with white grub.

Q: if i send pictures of my plants, can u suggest suitable remedies? on e mail?
A: I don’t think the seller has such a service.

Q: Can we usr it with tricoderma virdi and psuedomonas ?
A: Yes.

Q: would u recommend this for controlling Broad mites on pepper plants or any other product . Also what is the shelf life of this product
A: We have not tried it on broad mitrs. So cannot comment on its results.
We have made a product named Utkarsh Bio clean Sweep that contains Beauveria Bassiana with other species that control mites.
Shelf life of both products is 1 year and currently we are supplying August and September 2020 manufactured material.

Q: Is it work on red mites?
A: Not sure. However, Utkarsh bio clean sweep that contains Beauveria works on red mites.

Q: Is it effective on hibiscus mealibugs?? What is usage??
A: For mealy bugs, Utkarsh Bio clean sweep is more effective and it contains Beveroz technical.

Q: Will it work in case of curling leaves?
A: If leaves are curling due to some insects, it will work.

Q: What is the shelf life once the pack is opened? How to preserve it?
A: One year from the date of manufacturing. You need to close the packet in such a way no air conrs in contact.

Q: Can i use it with combi-2, trichoz-p, sudoz-p for water spraying??
A: Yes for combi 2 and Trichoz P.
No for Sudoz P.

Q: I have a problem of citrus scale (brown). Will this work on it? If not, please suggest another organic alternative
A: We have not tried this on n citrus scale. However, beveroz and/Metarhoz are capable for controlling many of the visible leaf eating pests.

Q: Is it harmful for earthworms?
A: No.

Q: SIR, How effective is this product on aphides and thrips ?
A: Not much visible

Q: Can i use it to kill grub wor??? How much quantity i will use to kill grub worm on my pot soil???
A: Yes. It will kill white grubs. Dosage 7-10 gm/litre water

Q: Can i use this with Trichoz-p??
A: Yes, you can it together.

Q: Can this be used against aphids?
A: It may work. But vericillium lecanii is better for aphids.

Q: How many days repeat this?
A: 7-15 days depending upon the pest attack.


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