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Utkarsh Calcium Nitrate – Ca(NO3)2 (100% Water Soluble Fertilizer)(Foliar Spray Irrigation)

Utkarsh Calcium Nitrate – Ca(NO3)2 (100% Water Soluble Fertilizer)(Foliar Spray Irrigation)

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Product Specifications:

Contents %By Weight
Total Nitrogen – N 15.5% Nitrogen (1.1% Ammonical Nitrogen + 14.4 % Nitrate Nitrogen)
Water Soluble Calcium Total – Ca 18.8%
Net Content
900 gm
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• Calcium Nitrate is dense granular fertilizer which dissolves quickly and completely in water.
• Calcium Nitrate also helps plants for tolerance to diseases infection due to cells strength.
• Calcium Nitrate improves cell wall leading to better quality of marketable produce.
• Calcium Nitrate prevents cracking of Fruits and Vegetables.
• Calcium Nitrate is free from chloride, sodium & other harmful elements of plants.

Application & Doses : 

• Recommendations : Spray and Drip. Application. DOSE : •For Spray : 4-6gm / Liter Water and For Drip : 4-6 kg / Acre.

Frequently Asked Questions for Utkarsh Calcium Nitrate – Ca(NO3)2 (100% Water Soluble Fertilizer)(Foliar Spray Irrigation) :

Q: How to dose this on aquarium plants?
A: Prepare stock solution by adding 20 in 1 litre water.
Add 10 ml for 50 litre aquarium water.
Use this separately. Do not mix with macro or micro.
Our experience is that Utkarsh Macro and Utkarsh Micro EDTA are balanced food and only Fe is required extra.(optional)

Q: is it organic or non organic? and how to use it apart then foliage spray?
A: Non organic. For foliage spray, use 5 to 7 gm/litre water.

Q: Is this suitable for Aglonema??
A: Yes.

Q: Can we combine calcium nitrate with bhim plus 13 0045 and boron for spraying
A: Yes

Q: Is this 15.5-0-0?
A: Yes. It is NPK – 15.5-0-0 along with Calcium

Q: Is this fertizer good for citric plants like lemon? If not, please suggest the correct one.
A: It is good for all kinds of citrus plants. It helps in increasing the size of fruits.

Q: For spray what should be gap between calcium nitrate and 19 19 19 or 00 52 34
A: 7 to 10 days

Q: Can I sprinkle this directly in soil in potted rose plants in 12″ pots ?? Dose ???
A: Yes. 1 to 1.5 tea spoon is fine. 4 to 6 grams.

Q: What is the difference between this single packaging you sell without prime and set of 2 with prime
A: Both are same.

Q: Will it increase the ph of soil?
A: No. Its pH is acidic. It can never increase pH.

Q: Could it be used for coconut tree/ plant for drenching purpose ?could it be an alternative to urea?inform availability exclusive n-w/zero p- w/zero k
A: Yes it can used for drenching
It is not an alternative to urea.
Did not get 3rd question.

Q: Can this be used in aquarium
A: Yes.

Q: Can i use it directly into the soil?
A: Yes

Q: Can we use this calcium nitrate in hydroponics?
A: Yes we can use it

Q: Is this product organic?
A: No. It is a chemical fertilizer.

Q: Can we apply it on apple trees?
A: Yes

Weight 0.939 kg
Dimensions 29 × 24 × 2 cm

Utkarsh Agrochem Pvt.Ltd.

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25 kg, 4.4 kg, 4.4 kg x 2, 900 gm, 900 gm x 10, 900 gm x 2, 900 gm x 3, 900 gm x 5

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Why calcium nitrate ?

Very good product . For strong branching and and good shell life of fruits and vegitables .