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Utkarsh Microbes (Combination of Fungus and Bacteria for Growth and Protection) Bio Pesticides

Utkarsh Microbes (Combination of Fungus and Bacteria for Growth and Protection) Bio Pesticides

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• Microbes is a unique combination of protective and nutritive microbes like Nitrogen fixing bacteria like Azotobacter, Acetobacter, Rhizobium.
• Microbes also contains Phosphorus, Potash, Sulphur, Magnesium, Calcium, Boron, Iron, Copper,Zinc, Silicon solubilizing bacteria.
• Microbes also contains crop protection microorganisms like trichoderma viride, pseudomonas fluorescens, verticillium lecanii etc. Microbes can be successfully used as composed enrichment pack.
• Microbes solubilizes insoluble fertilizers in the soil due to which growth of plants increases and salts in the soil decreases, Its reduces pH and EC of soil.
• MICROBES is an excellent product for controlling soil borne fungal diseases like root rot, collar rot, stem rot, fusarium wilt etc, various bacterial diseases in soil and various kinds of nematodes like root knot, cyst, reniform nematodes etc.

Target crops

Chillies, Tomato , Brinjal, Cabbage, Onion, Bottle gourd, Bitter gourd, Ridge gourd, Sponge gourd, Little gourd, Pointed gourd, Mango, Papaya, Coconut, Potato


  • 2 to 4 kg / acre, Use every 3 to 6 month soil will be improved and chemical fertilizers are efficiently used.

Best use within 20days after opening the inner cap of the bottle

Frequently Asked Questions for Utkarsh Microbes (Combination of Fungus and Bacteria for Growth and Protection) :

Q: What quanty and process to mix with organic manure(cow dung) for soul application
A: Mix 2-3 kg with minimum 150 kg organic manure and then apply in the soil. After that give proper irrigation.

Q: What is the shelf life of this product ???
A: One year from date of manufacturing. Currently we are supplying may and June 2020 materials.

Q: It adds useful fungus and bacterial back to soil.Right? Does it cure existing infections?
A; Yes.

Q: How much gms and how frequently to be used for mixing with soil for fruit/veg plants in 12 to 14 inch pots?
A: 5 to 10 grams per pot.Use every 2 to 3 months for best results in pots.

Q: Sir, can I mixed/used together Microbes & huminoz 98.
A: Use them separately.

Q: I already have pseudomonas of another brand, can i mix with this and apply?
A: Yes

Q: Best and effective application method for Apple tree
A: After giving water, do drenching of Microbes after diluting in water @ 5gm/litre and give 5 to 10 litre solution depending on size of tree.

Q: sulphur, magnesium, calcium, boron, iron, copper,zinc, silicon solubilizing bacteria is added additionally in this product ??
A: Yes. sulphur, magnesium, calcium, boron, iron, copper,zinc, silicon solubilizing bacteria are present in Microbes

Q: What should be the gap between application of neem oil and microbes & epsom salt and microbes respectively?thank u.
A: None of them disturbs other. So you can use with 1 day gap also.

Q: what dosage and frequency should i follow in my lawn of 6×12 feet which has full grown jamun(flowering), mango(10ft), jasmine, etc.
A: Make solution of 5 gram microbes per litre water. Give 2 to 3 litre solution in lawn of 12 x 6.Give 10 to 20 litre solution around Jamun and mango trees. JGive 1 to 3 litre in jasmine tree.
Give solution in such a way that it reaches the roots of plants and trees.

Q: Can I use nemotod
A: It is good as prevention. For curing use Utkarsh NematoNIL or Utkarsh Nematoz.

Q: Is this same as microbes-dg
A: No. It is liquid.

Q: How to use for sugarcane plantation per acre and can i use for 21 days intervals for 6 times?
A: Microbes can be used via drip, by drenching, with flood irrigation water or along with compost fertilisers.Yes, you can use every 21 days and also 6 times.

Q: After how many days can we use microbes for seedlings/plants grown using saaf(either thru seed treatment/watering soil)carbemdazim 12% + mancozeb 63%
A: 15 days

Q: Exact method to make mature out of kitchen and garden waste with microbes?
A: Microbes can be used to enrich the compost made from kitchen and garden waste.
You can give 2 to 5 gm/kg of compost.
For making compost, use Utkarsh composter.

Q: 5gm per pot once in month.5gm/lt drench for die back once in 7 days.why like that.can u pls explain the logic?
A: For dying plants, harmful microbial count is more. So frequent applications required till good microbes dominate bad microbes.For prevention, once a month is fine.

Q: Kindly guide if i can use your microbes for my potted plants and skip other bio agents like Trichoderma – pseudomonas etc Thanks
A: Yes. You can.

Q: Can i use it with neurobion forte tablet sol for newly potted rose plant(as stated in rahul n roses youtube ch by rahul sir).if so,what should be gap?
A: Yes. Keep gap of 7 days.

Q: Once used in the soil, can we use chemical fertilizers/pesticides on the plants. What dosage per litre of water do you suggest for a home gardener?
A: You can use chemical fertilizer but do not use chemical fungicide or bacteriacide.Dosage is 5 gm per litre water. Apply in soil or in root zone of plants.Note: do not spray on plants.

Q: Can you please list all the strains of microbes in this product?
A: Azotobacter, Azotobacter, PSB, KSB, trichoderma viride, paecilomyces, bacillus subtilis etc.

Q: Can i use this in Ginger farming.
A: Yes. Excellent results. Many ginger farmers have already benefitted.

Q: For veg and fruit pot plants ,is just microbes enough or seperately beveroz,sudoz,trichoz is better?Please tell with reason…
A: Microbes is more of a biofertilizers blended with BIOPESTICIDES like trichoderma, Pseudomonas and paecilomyces. It does not contain beauveria.
So for prevention, use microbes.
For curative, use Beveroz, sudoz or Trichoz as per requirement.

Q: Hi, if i buy this, would i still need to buy the vam microbes/powder?
A: Yes. This product contains most of the known micro organisms used in agriculture except VAM.

Q: I have already applied it once. Do I need to use it again during the life of the present crop
A: Using it every 2-3 months will keep the soil free from harmful bacteria and fungi. Also, Microbes will help in releasing all available nutrients in the soil

Q: Does it cure die back problem as my rose plant is suffering from it?thanks.
A: Yes. You to use it every 7 days.

Q: Can we use it with seedlings and plants grown using thiram/captan?what should be dosage if using with untreated seeds as seed treatment or in seed mix
A: 5 gm/litre

Q: How can tgis be used in cofee or pepper plantation? If yes how is this different from your humus product.. both can be used together or not? How use t
A: Utkarsh microbes is a biological product- a combination of various biofertilizers and biopesticides.Can be used in coffee and pepper plantation by drenching or with compost fertilizers or drip irrigation.Huminoz is humic acid and completely different product.Both should be used separately.

Q: What quantities shall I mix for drenching?
A: 5 gm/litre water

Q: Is this and microbes both safe for earthworms?
A: Yes. 100% safe.

Q: How many kg required for drip irrigation for one acre
A: 2 to 3 kg

Q: Will it help with Root growth in Adenium ?
A: Yes,

Q: Does these bacteria die if we dont irregate or left few days for bed preparation?
A: Maintain moisture to keep them alive and multiplication.

Q: Can we use with ornamental/flower plants?
A: Yes. For all kinds of plants.

Q: can it be used in hydroponics ?
A: No

Q: Can we mix microbes only with cocopeat eg. for growing microgreens using untreated seeds.?
A: Yes. Also add utkarsh compost or vermicompost along.

Q: Once opened what is the shelf life of the product. Can I use the balance left after a few months.
A: Keep it air tight after opening it and it can be used effectively later also

Q: How should we clean/sterilize the containers(bottles/spoons etc) after using them for drenching the microbes?
A: Not required. If you want to use, sodium hypochlorite or Silver hydrogen peroxide.

Q: Is there any need of giving chemical fertilizers along with it or there’s no need of using chemical fertilizers at all?
A: I did not use any chemical fertilizer with it and still got good results in bananas

Q: How can IUse this product
A: By drenching after mixing with water
By drip irrigation
By mixing with organic manure/compost/soil

Q: How long should i wait after applying neem oil? Can i use it the same day?
A: You can use neem oil and Microbes same day.

Q: What should be the Doses for Acidic potted plants
A: 5 to 10 grams. For routine size pots.

Q: is it helpful to correct ph levels?
A: Regular use of microbes reduces soil pH.

Q: Can utkarsh microbes be mixed with neem cake/bone dust/blood meal/humic acid for soil drenching?
A: Yes.

Q: Can we use vinegar to increase soil ph while using microbes?
A: Don’t use both of them together. Vinegar may harm microorganisms.

Q: Can mix with potting mix or top dress microbes instead of drenching for die back.If so,how frequently?
A: Yes. 7 to 10 days for die back.

Q: Can i apply it flowering bulbs like daffodils and lilies
A: Yes

Q: Do you manufacture 250 gm or 500 gm pack also?
A: Not yet.

Q: Can utkarsh microbes be used with utkarsh double combi?If not then gap of how many days should be followed…
A: no. use them separately. you can use next day also.

Q: Microbes can boe successfully used for seed treatmenor gram
A: Yes. 100 gms for 100 kg seed treatment of gram

Q:Can we use it in fish tank , biofloc , aquarium safe ?
A: no

Q: Can this be used as alternative to ada bacter 100 in aquarium?
A: No

Q: Normal application is once in 2-3 months and for die back once in 7 days.pls clarify.For how many weeks for die back?Dosage for 8″inch,10″inch pots?
A: Once a week. You can use 5 to 15 grams for 8 inch and 10 inch pots. The more the better. There is no side effect.

Q: Can i mix with vamoz p in water and apply on soil
A: Yes you can

Q: Morning or evening, which is the better time for use?
A: Any time will do as you have to give in soil.

Q: Can I mix it with cow manure and water and keep it for five days before applying on soil?
A: Yes. No problem.

Q: how often and how much should i use for one plant ?? Have u got small pack available in store ??
A: Use MICROBES 5 gm/litre water and give routine water of 250 ml – 1 litre for one plant. Use it every 1-2 months for best results.
Smallest pack available is 1 kg.

Q: This is the expiry dates product
A: One year from date of manufacturing.

Q: Can u explain for process of soil mixing for 12 to 14 inch potted veg and fruit plants
A: Use 5 to 10 grams

Q: Can i sterilise seed with it to protect seedlings damping off?
A: Yes. Microbes can be used for seed treatment.

Q: If we are using vinegar to increase ph of a plant,what should be gap between application of microbes and vinegar?As microbes decreases soil ph.Thanks.
A: Atleasr 7 days

Q: Can I use microbes and Vamoz S together for soil drench
A: Sorry, I have no idea on it

Q: Will the fungi and bacteria in his mix thrive without soil and breakdown just compost? I use cocopeat and vermicompost alone with no soil.
A: All microbes will survive in cocopeat and vermicompost.

Q: The image shows pink color. but the product i ordered from utkarsh website is grey in color. any difference in the product or content ?
A: No. Original color is greyish only. We add pink color to make it look attractive..sometimes, mixing of color is not proper. Rest is fine

Q: How much to mix in 20kg of potting soil..??
A: 20 grams

Q: The powder does not dissolve in water, it sits at bottom, I want to drench potted plants, please suggest
A: MICROBES is not water soluble but remains dispered in water. So you stir MICROBES with water and do the drenching.

Q: Can I mix microbes and Vamoz S together and soil drench.
A: Yes. We also recommend it.

Q: How is tricoz unique from microbes?Is it necessary to buy both?
A: Trichoz contains only trichoderma Viride and is given specially for root and collar rots.
Microbes contain Trichoderma Virdi along with other biofertilizers.
If you are buying microbes, no need to buy Trichoz.

Q: Can i use this in hydroponics to prevent & treat root rot?
A: To prevent, it is fine.
For treating root rot, use utkarsh fungfree

Q: I have 10 galon pots, how much shall i feed per pot ?
A: Give 4 to 5 grams for 10 gallon pots. Repeat application every month for best results.

Q: How it use in drip irigation
A: In 200 litre water add 2 kg Microbes and stir it well.
Then give that solution through drip irrigation

Q: Can we use blackPearl watering 1 day after after using UtkarshMicrobes?
A: Yes

Q: Can I use for Gerbera plants? And how much for 8″ pot?
A: Yes. 5 to 10 gms will do for 8 inch pot.

Q: Shal I tank mixed it in Jeevamrut/ waste decompser or trichoderma?
A: Jeevamrut/waste decomposer

Q: 5gm/lit for drench.should i use entire solution for a single plant?If no, for how many plants this sol mix can be used(pots)?
A: Use solution quantity as per the size of pot. The solution must reach the roots of plant.

Q: Can we use epsom salt with microbes treated plants?How to use with seed starter mix and seedlings pls guide.
A: Yes. You can. Don’t know about seed starter kit. So can’t say.

Q: Can I mix 5 gram with cow dung compost and apply to my pot soil ?
A: Yes. Will give better results.

Q: How much is needed in 12″ posts if applied directly in soil with 100g vermicompost ? Every 2-3 months or monthly ?
A: 5-10 grams per pot of 12 inch.

Q: Can this product be used as culture in preparing compost tea?
A: Yes.

Q: Can we sow treated seeds eg.with Thiram/Captan directly in soil mixed with these microbes?If no,how to use microbes with such treated seeds?
A: No, it will kill all microorganisms. First wash chemicals treated seeds. Then treat them with Microbes. After that, you can sow the seeds.

Q: How many dose in 1 acre sugarcane
A: 2 to 3 with interval of 60-90 days

Q: Why does it need to be reapplied? Once the soil is inoculated shouldn’t the microbes be able to keep replicating on their own?
A: With time, under different temperature, absence of food etc reduces its population. So to get best results for longer period, we recommend to apply every 2 to 4 months depending on crop.

Q: Sir can you plz list all the beneficial bacteria it contain ?
A: Azotobacter, acetobacter, rhizobium for nitrogen fixing.
Phosphorus solubilizing bacteria PSB,
Potassium solubilizing,
Zinc solubilizing
Sulphur solubilizing
Boron solubilizing
Silicon solubilizing
Trichoderma Virdi
Paecilomyces lilacinus
Bacillus subtilus etc

Q: Can i add it on the top layer of soil, and how much should i add?
A: Yes. After adding, cover it with soil and give water.

Q: Dose per acre
A: 1 to 3 kg.
For short duration crops, 1 kg. For medium duration crop 2 kg and for long duration crop 3 kg

Q: Does microbes cure thrips,mites,scales and rose rust in rose plants?
A: No. It’s for solubilizing nutrients. For insects etc ho gor Azapower from iffcobazaar or Theeta from Aimco.

Q: If Microbes contains bio-fungicide, then can Trichoz-P be replaced by this product?
A: Yes.

Q: Can we mix it with npk like 19:19:19 or calcium nitrate to apply from drip? If not than after how many days of applying chemical fertilizers?
A: Don’t mix with chemical fertilisers.
Just use it separately.
You can use next day after fertilizers application.

Q: Why you have removed Trichoderma Virdi from the product ingredients?
A: We have not removed. It is there. Photo of pack needs to change. Will do it.

Q: Thanks a lot for the reply.But what do you mean by vegetable waste( along with compost or only daily veg scraps )? Amount to be used ?
A: normal daily vegetable scraps. 10 gm per kg will do. you can also add the entire amount in a single day.

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