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Utkarsh NPK (19 : 19 : 19)(Speciality Crystalline 100% Water Soluble Complex Fertilizer)(Foliar Spray Nutrition) Water Soluble Fertilizers

Utkarsh NPK (19 : 19 : 19)(Speciality Crystalline 100% Water Soluble Complex Fertilizer)(Foliar Spray Nutrition) Water Soluble Fertilizers

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Product Specifications:

Contents % By Weight
Total Nitrogen N 19.0 Minimum
Nitrate Nitrogen (as NO3) 4.0 Maximum
Ammonical Nitrogen (as NH4) 4.5 Minimum
Urea Nitrogen (as NH2) 10.5 Maximum
Total Phosphorus P (as P2O5) 19.0 Minimum
Total Potassium K (as K2O) 19.0 Minimum
Sodium (as NaCl) (on dry basis) 0.5 Maximum
Mater insoluble in water 0.5 Maximum
Moisture 0.5 Maximum
Net Content
900 gm
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• NPK(19:19:19) is free-flowing,fine crystalline powder which dissolves speedly and completely in water to form spray solution.
• NPK(19:19:19) supply required micronutrients (N, P & K) togather in optimum close to crops.
• NPK(19:19:19) contains nitrogen in different forms needed gradually at different growth stages of crops.
• NPK(19:19:19) useful specially for healthy veget active growth of young seeding and growing plants.
• NPK(19:19:19) is virtually free from chlorid, sodium and other harmful elements to plants.


Application & Doses :

• Recommendations : Foilar Spray Application : 100 gm / 15 Lit. of water. Dri-Soil Application : 1-2 Kg / Acre.

Frequently Asked Questions for Utkarsh NPK (19 : 19 : 19)(Speciality Crystalline 100% Water Soluble Complex Fertilizer)(Foilar Spray Nutrition) :

Q: What quantity should i use during summer?
A: 7 gm/litre. Spray it before 10 am or after 5 pm only during summer.

Q: My raat rani plant leaves has curved and dried. Please suggest the quantity of this product and water. How may number of times shall I apply it?
A: 5 to 7 grams per litre water. You need to give 2 to 3 times with 7 days interval by spraying.

Q: AS mentioned in Question .. use this in summer, what can be used in winters based plants?
A: Same as summer.

Q: Can i use it on lemon plant? If yes how much in 1 ltr water for foliar spray
A: Sure, you can use it for lemon plant, and it is best for the same, I use 2 gram per litre as foiler spray for the plant and you will get best result. Also use some bone meal along with mustard cake Powder to get beat result.

Q: can this be used for lawn? if yes then what is amount / sq ft.
A: Yes. 1 kg/10,000 sq.ft.
Or 1 gm/10 sq ft

Q: How much is 7gm? Would it be one teaspoon? Also it can be used in soil as well I assume (it says foliar spray)
A: One tea spoon is around 4 grams.
Yes, it can be sprayed and can be used in soil.

Q: Can i use it on orchid plants?
A: Yes. Definately. 5-7 gm/litre.

Q: is this suitable for Indoor plants, specially aglaonema plants?
A: Completely suitable for both indoor and outdoor plants.

Q: Can i use drenching method?
A: Yes.

Q: Why does your product have odd measurements? 900 grams instead of 1 kg and so on..First price is super high and then a cut in measurements as well?
A: Reason for 900 gm material is after doing outer packing, weight of 100 gms is added. So we pay courier charge for 1 kg. If we give 1 kg, total weight after packaging becomes 1.1 kg. So we need to pay courier charges for 2 kg. This was making product costly for customers. So 900 gms packing.
Our quality is as per FCO and our is licensed product. So, price is right for right quality.

Q: What quantity should i use during winter?
A: 7 to 8 grams per litre

Q: What is the colour and texture of the product, can i have the picture of the product so that i could make a choice
A: Our product is of bluish green colour. Texture is fine crystalline. For photo send email. Will reply with photo.

Q: Why the price is ₹333 for 900g when MRP is ₹46 for 1kg?
A: Mrp is not 46

Q: Is this product use Foliar spray on apple trees
A: Yes.

Q: Do you have any NPK combination with micronutrients too?
A: No.

Q: Can it be used in water pot money plant and lucky bamboo kept in glass Jar ?
A: Yes.

Q: Why the price is ₹333 for 900g when MRP is ₹64 for 1kg?
A: MRP is ₹460 not ₹64

Q: Can we use utkarsh npk (19 : 19 : 19) to spray to alovera?
A: We have yet not tried. You can try. You can do drenching @ 7 gm/litre water. It will give good results.

Q: Can i use this fertilizer for lotus planted in pot?
A: Yes but , be careful with the amount you add…

Q: The product image is different on this site and the product which is delivered to me is different in look. i’m confused..is it real utkarsh product?
A: The outside color of pack is different as this design pack was exhausted. So we are currently dispatching same material in common pack with sticker at the back. It is real utkarsh product. Dont worry.

Q: Can i use in money plant? What is the ratio in water?
A: Yes. 0.1 gram per litre water. You need to change 30% water every week and add fertilizer along with water.

Q: Can I spray it on Orchid and peace Lily?
A: Yes.

Q: Need dose and time duration for spray on leaves. My plants is in garden not in pot
A: 5-7 grams per litre water. Repeat apray every 10-20 days.

Q: Can i use this product in apple trees
A: No, this is NPK 19-19-19. You need NPK 12-12-12.

Q: May I can use with humic acid ..
A: Yes.

Q: Can I use this in mango tree?
A: Yes. For growth and development.

Q: Use for potato planet
A: Yes. Use in starting stage for initial growth .

Q: Can i use it in succulent plant crassula ovata and othed succulent plant. if yes what will be the proportion to use ?
A: Yes. 5 to 7 grams per litre water by drenching in roots.

Q: What is its colour? Pink or bluish green???
A: pink

Q: Could you please suggest how to use this ? My plant are becoming dried and yellow leaf even after proper moisture soil. seems like they are dying.
A: This is for overall growth and development of a healthy plant. This is not for plant whose leaves are drying and yellow leaves.

Q: which NPK is good for vegetables…??
A: All are good depending upon stage. For growth, 19 19 19
For flowering 12.61.00
For flowering and fruiting 0.52.34
For good quality of vegetables 13.0.45 and 0.0.50

Q: What’s the best way to store the product once you have opened the packet?
A: Nothing special. Just remove the air and fold the packet and tie it with rubber band.

Q: 7-8 gma/ litre but how much of 1 litre to be used for one vegetable plant?
A: By drenching 100 ml to 250 ml in roots.
By spray, you need to fully rinse.

Q: Can i use it for jack fruit tree and Custard apple tree
A: Yes. For growth and development.

Q: Is it safe for Cocopeat based potting mix.
A: Yes. 100% safe. It is pure fertilizer.

Q: Can i use it with utkarsh NPK134013?
A: Both are made for using at different stages of crop.
You can use both together but it does not serve the purpose.
NPK 19 19 19 is for growth stage.
NPK 13.40.13 is for flowering stage .

Q: What is the quantity needed for banana tree in drip irrigation
A: 4 to 6 kg per acre in single application.

Q: Can I use this in my aquarium?
A: It might be helpful for your aquatic plants, but it can have an adverse effects on your fishes.

Q: What is the adequate quantity for a single orchid plant and how many time to spray on it?
A: Use 5 grams/litre water. Repeat spray every 20 to 30 days.

Q: What is the correct ratio for plants per litre of water ? And how much many times safe per month ?
A: 7-10 gm/litre water. 2 to 3 times per month is safe to use

Q: Is it organic??
A: No

Q: Can we apply it on soil ? Then what is the procedure of applying it on soil?
A: Vary good product

Q: Can we use it in grass?
A: Yes.

Q: How much to use for 10 ltr hydroponic tank?
A: Adding 5 to 10 grams will add water TDS upto 500 ppm. Based on NPK requirements add, Utkarsh 19 19 19 accordingly.

Q: Can i use for lotus plant &how much
A: You can. You can spray @ 5 to 7 gm/litre.
In water, Don’t know how much?

Q: Can this be used for hydroponics?
A: Yes.

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