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Utkarsh pH-OK (pH Balancer for Spraying Solution) Spreader

Utkarsh pH-OK (pH Balancer for Spraying Solution) Spreader

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Better Concentrate, organic Acidtier stabilizer, Aqual Q.S.

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  • pH-OK decreases water hardness by decreasing salt content and reduces alkalinity by decreasing pH making water suitable for spraying addition of pH-OK to the spraying water shifts its color from dark red and as it reaches to desired pH, water shows specific aqual blue color, Thus no need of pH paper or pH meter to check solution pH every time.
  • It makes spraying solution as per desire for example pH of 5 to 5.5.
  • Dosage: Available water pH 7.0-8.0 – 0.4 to 0.7 ml/litre.
  • High water pH (8 & above) – 0.7 to 1.0 ml/litre.
  • Don’t mix pH-Ok directly with actual formulation
  • Frequently Asked Questions for Utkarsh pH-OK (pH Balancer for Spraying Solution) :

Q: What is the active ingredient? can i use it in hydroponics? what colour it will show for ph6?
A: Active ingredient is lemon juice. Yes for spraying. For pH 6, it will show blue color

Q: Could you please clarify the amount of the product is required for a litre of water with a ph of 7
A: 0.5 ml/litre will do. If pH is higher, you can use upto 1 ml/litre water. There is pH indicator on bottle itself will show the colour of solutions from which range of pH can be known

Q: Can i use it to water soil on daily basis?
A: No. We have prepared to use along with spray solution. This is not for corrwcting soil pH.
For correcting soil pH, use Utkarsh Microbes. It will naturally and biologically reduce pH and TDS of soil.

Q: Local tap water is high ph. To make pesticides spray effective I need to bring it to 6. Is your product meant for this job?
A: Yes. Also, there are colour indicators on bottle itself. So you don’t need pH paper or Meter to check water pH

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