Utkarsh Prime-All (Amino Acid Based Water Soluble NPK 10:10:10) Amino Chelated Fertilizers - Utkarsh Agrochem
Utkarsh Prime-All (Amino Acid Based Water Soluble NPK 10:10:10) Amino Chelated Fertilizers

Utkarsh Prime-All (Amino Acid Based Water Soluble NPK 10:10:10) Amino Chelated Fertilizers

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  • Product Specifications:
    Composition Guaranteed ( % w/w)
    Nitrogen (as N) from protein 10 % min
    P (as P2O5) from protein 10 % min
    K (as K2O) from protein 10 % min
    Protein content (on dry basis) 62.5 % min
    Color & From It is clear brown colored powder
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  • Prime – All is specially useful for healthy vegetative growth of young seedling and growing plants.
  • Prime – All supply required macro nutrients (N, P, K) together in optimum dose to crops.
  • Prime – All is free flowing, fine crystalline powder which dissolves speedily and completely in water to form spray solution.
  • Target crops
  • Banana, Papaya, Mango, Sapota, Pomegranate, Guava, Ber, Apple, Pear, Peach, Plum, Loquat, Almond, Cherry, Grape, Fig, Water melon, Musk melon, Jack fruit, Aonla, Bael, Custard apple, Phalsa, Grape, Orange, Citrus, Apricoat, Walnut, Pecannut, Strawberry, Litchi, Arecanut, Lemons, Pineappple, Kiwifruit, Dragon fruit, Avocado, Tomato, Brinjal, Chilli, Capsicum, Okra, Pea, Cowpea, French bean, Bottle gourd, Bitter gourd, Ridge gourd, Sponge gourd, Cucumber, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Little gourd, Pointed gourd, Drum stick, Kidney bean, Lima bean, Onion, Garlic, Ginger, Turmeric, kale, Knol khol, Srouting broccoli, Pigeon pea, Spine gourd, Coriander, Fenugreek, Nutmeg, Clove, Cumin, Cinnamon, Elaichi, Curry leaves, Wheat, Paddy rice, Sorghum, Bajra, Barley, Maize, Chickpea Chana, Lentil masoor, Black gram, Mung, Groundnut, Mustard, Coconut, Sesame, Linseed, Sunflower, Rose, Marigold, ibiscus, Bougainvillea, Jasmine, Orchid, Crysanthemum, Cotton, Sugarcane, Jute tobacco, Arecanut, Date palm
  • Application & Dose : Foliar Spray Application : 2 – 3 gm / Lit of water. Drip –Soil Application : 500 gm / Acre.

Frequently Asked Questions for Utkarsh Prime-All (Amino Acid Based Water Soluble NPK 10:10:10) :

Q: Is it good for fiddle leaf fig???
A: Yes. Use 2 gm/litre water as drenching and spray

Q: Can we used for dianthus plants?
A: Yes.

Q: Is it good for pomegranate and figs?
A: Yes. During growth stage.

Q: How do you measure 2g using a teaspoon? Is it half a spoon?
A: One teaspoon is around 4-4.5 grams.
Yes, half teaspoon is around 2 grams.

Q: Does it have all the micro-nutrients listed in Utkarsh Combi?
A: No. It has only NPK. For Micronutrient you buy utkarsh combi 2

Q: Can this be used for cactus ?
A: Yes. 1-2 gm per litre water by drenching the solution in the soil

Q: Can this be used in aquariums?
A: Prime all is amino acid based product. You need to check at your end of amino acid is permissible in aquarium.
Otherwise go for our Utkarsh aquarium macro set made for aquarium only.

Q: What is NPK proportions in the product
A: NPK ratio is 10:10:10

Q: 50 ppm of sodium per litre? Or for the entire product? Thank you!
A: Per litre

Q: Would you have any water soluble fertilizers with NPK closer to 4-18-38?
A: Currently not available. Will be launching in January 2021.

Q: how much to use on seedlings and after how many days afters seeds aprouted
A: 2 gm/litre water by spraying. First spray when 3-4 small leaves are visible.
Repeat every 5-7 days for good results.

Q: Is this a suitable product for organic farming? Will this negatively affect beneficial microbes?
A: This is not 100% organic product. But it will never negatively affect beneficial microbes.

Q: Is it useful for hibiscus plants?
A: Yes. For growth and development

Q: How to use in azalea flower plant
A: By spraying. Dosage – 2-3 gm/litre water

Q: What is the ppm of sodium? And can you tell me the amino base whether it is L amino or something else?
A: Sodium is between 20 to 50 ppm in solution. Amino base is L amino acid.

Q: Is it applicable to direct mix with soil
A: It is 100% water soluble product. You can use it by directly mixing with soil.

Q: Can i use it in hydroponics ? And is it sodium free and other toxic elements free ?
A: Yes, you can use it for hydroponics.
It may contain sodium in ppm.
It is free of toxic heavy metals.

Q: Can we mix with utkarsh double combi . i suggest you to make all in one fertilizer which have all npk + all micronutients + calcium + magnesium .
A: Yrs. Mixing both gives you 12 necessary nutrients. We also recommend it.

Q: is this organic fertilizer..?
A: It is chelated with natural amino acid. So it is partly organic.

Q: can I mix double combi & prime all together? what will be the ratio in per liter of water?
A: Yea. It is best combination. Prime all 2 gram and double combi 1-2 gram per litre water.

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