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Utkarsh Sil-Spread ( Silicon Based Non Ionic Adjuvant) Spreader

Utkarsh Sil-Spread ( Silicon Based Non Ionic Adjuvant) Spreader

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• Sil-Spread is recommended to use through spray as well by drip irrigation, Sil – Spread is effective silicon based non-ionic spray adjuvant. It can be used effectively in all seasons & for all types of crops.
• Sil-Spread is useful for faster & enhanced spreading while spraying of agrochemicals.
• Because of addition of Sil- Spread in the spray solution, the spray solutions get fast penetrated in the plants making spray solution rain fast and due to this, maximum benefit of spray solution observed.
• Sil-Spread can be used effectively with all types of agrochemicals viz. Insecticides, fungicide, Herbicide, Water soluble Fertilizer micronutrient and certain plant growth promoters etc by spraying as well as with drip and flood irrigation.


  • For spraying: 0.25 to 0.40 ml/liter water
    By drip irrigation 200-400 ml/acre.
  • Content:-Silicon bases high quality spreader and activator.


Frequently Asked Questions for Utkarsh Sil-Spread ( Silicon Based Non Ionic Adjuvant) :

Q: Is it organic ? Can we used it with organic pesticides like cold pressed neem oil ?
A: It is a chemical product.
It can be used with cold pressed neem oil.

Q: How to use it for 1 liter sprayer bottle?
A: Dosage is 0.25 ml/litre water.

Q: Does it kill unwanted trees ?
A: No. Never.

Q:Do sil spread and spread well work in same manner?
A: Does not work well, there are better options available withe better cost as well

Q: Spray at what intervals of time
A: Sil spread is a spreader. You need to use it along with fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides.
So frequency depends on other product that you are using.
Even you can use it every alternate day as per requirement.

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