Utkarsh Trichoz-P (Trichoderma Viride 1.5% W.P.: 2 x 10^6 - 10^8 CFU/gm.) Bio Pesticides - Utkarsh Agrochem
Utkarsh Trichoz-P (Trichoderma Viride 1.5% W.P.: 2 x 10^6 – 10^8 CFU/gm.) Bio Pesticides

Utkarsh Trichoz-P (Trichoderma Viride 1.5% W.P.: 2 x 10^6 – 10^8 CFU/gm.) Bio Pesticides

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  • Product Specifications:
    Content Count
    Trichoderma viride (2 x 108 CFU/gm) 1.5 % W.P.
    Moisture 6-8 % W/W
    Carboxy Methyl Cellulose 0.5 % W/W
    Carrier (talc)
Net Content
900 gm
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• Trichoz-P is a biopesticide works as bio-fungicide prepared by concept of Biotechnology, Trichoz is made from a fungus Trichoderma viride.
• Trichoz- P provides protection to the crop plants against soil borne pathogen.
• Trichoz- P is an effective remedy against soil borne pathogens effecting all crops & plantations including Groundnut, Bt Cotton, Cumin, Onion, Garlic, Pulses, Sugarcane, Vegetable crops, Tobacco, banana, papaya and horticultural and floricultural plantations.
• Trichoz- P is effective against root rot, wilt, stem rot and other disorders in the crops.

Target crops

Potato, Tomato, Brinjal, Chilli, Onion, Also fruit crops like Papaya, Mango, Banana, Papaya, Sapota, Pomegranate, Guava, Ber, Apple, Pear, Peach, Plum, Loquat, Almond, Cherry, Grape, Fig, Water melon, Musk melon, Jack fruit, Aonla, Bael, Custard apple, Phalsa, Grape, Orange, Citrus, Apricoat, Walnut, Pecannut, Strawberry, Litchi, Arecanut, Lemons, Pineappple, Kiwifruit, Dragon fruit, Avocado


By mixing with 25-50 kg Organic manure/Neem cake/Castor Cake.

By Drenching.


1-3 kg/acre.

Best use within 20days after opening the inner cap of the bottle

Frequently Asked Questions for Utkarsh Trichoz-P (Trichoderma Virdi 1.5% W.P.: 2 x 10^6 – 10^8 CFU/gm.) :

Q: Is lt poisonous
A: No. 100% organic.

Q: Can i use it along with sudoz-p? and should i mix 1 kg of this with 25 kg soil?
A: Yes. You can mix with Sudoz-P and use it immediately. Then mix it with soil and apply in farm and give proper irrigation.

Q: Manufacturer date..?
A: July or August 2019 for currently available material.

Q: Can I use tricoderma along with waste decompose
A: No. Use it alone for best results.

Q: Can this be used for Fungus Gnats or What else do you recommend for those pesky gnats?
A: Use Utkarsh Metarhoz or beveroz or combination of both

Q: Is silfert available for purchase online? Also I placed order for both microbes and trichoz as I am confused.pls guide regarding it.
A: Yes. https://www.amazon.in/dp/B07MG9Q8BP?ref=myi_title_dp

Q: Is it ok to mix both Trichoderma and sudoz and spray together?
A: Yes

Q: can this be used with Chemical NPK fertilsers such as utkarsh 19 19 19
A: No. Use them separately.

Q: how to use this product in terris garden?
A: In 1 litre water, add 5 gm trichoz P. Give it as routine watering every 20-30 days.

Q: What is the manufacturing date?
A: Currently we are supplying may and June 2021 manufactured material.

Q: Is silfert available for purchase online? also i placed order for both microbes and trichoz as i am confused.balcony garden(11 pots).pls guide reg thi
A: Yes. Available . Link is https://www.amazon.in/dp/B07MG9Q8BP?ref=myi_title_dp

Q: Can we buy microbes instead of tricoz,since it already contains trichoderma viride?
A: Yes.

Q: What portion to use for drenching house indoor outdoor plants? Please tell specific for 1litre of water.
A: 2-4 gm/litre water.

Q: Is it available in1kg?
A: Yes.

Q: What is the manufacturing date of the product you are currently supplying? Ehich is more effective powder or liquid?
A: Manufacturing date for current materials is November and December 2020.
Liquid is more effective.

Q: Do you have small packets of less than 500 gm quantity because i have a small garden only
A: No. Our minimum pack is 900 gm.

Q: What is the manufacturing and expiary date?
A: Currently we are dispatching july and August 2020 manufactered material. Expiry date is 1 year from date of manufacturing.

Q: How to use it? Should we mix it in water and spray over leaves or it needs directly spray on soil? Please advise?
A: Do drenching in soil. Spraying on leaves or soil will not give desired results.

Q: How to use it in Betel leaf? Should we mix it in water and spray over leaf or it directly spray on soil? Please advise me.
A: Directly apply in soil with water. 5 gm/litre water.

Q: Can we use it for seedling and plants which are grown from thiram/captan treated and other fungicide treated seeds and also nursery bought plant?
A: Yes.

Q: Can we use it with seedling/plants that are grown from thiram/captan treated seeds?
A: Use it once seeds are sprouted..effect of captan is reduced by that time.

Q: Dose it recommended for rose and hibiscus plants
A: Yes. You can use this fungicide for all plants

Q: How to use
A: Mix with potting soil and use

Q: Cant understand the cfu/gram count in this product as mosty brand have 1.0% W. P. with 2×10*8. Please explain.
A: 2 x 10^8 is cfu/gram is count of trichoderma viride in 1 gm.
1.5% WP is the percentage of trichoderma as wettable powder in the pack we provide.

Q: Mirch me dall sakte hai
A: Yes

Q: How can we use tricoderma for drip irrigation.what is the procedure for drip irrigation.
A: Dilute 1 kg in 100 litre water and give this solution in 1 acre area.

Q: Can this be used for nematodes?
A: Yes

Q: Can i use it for m indoor plants?
A: Yes

Q: Can i have multiple at home
A: We don’t suggest as you don’t have sterilized conditions at home. It may contaminate.

Q: How often it should be applied?
A: Once in 7days for curing and in 30 days for prevention.

Q: Can this be used along with utkarsh bio clean sweep? if yes, can i apply both on same day?
A: Yes, you can use it along with bio clean sweep.
Yes, you can apply both on same day.

Q:Can we use it with rock phosphate and epsom salt?
A: Yes.

Q: How to use it with Thiram/captan treated flower seeds that are yet to be sowed?
A: Do not use with chemical fungicide like captan. You will not get any results.
If you want take its benefits, use it alone.

Q: Can trichoderma / pseudomonas treated potted plsnts be fertilised with mustard cake / neem or bio npk fertilisers : thanks
A: Yes.

Q: Can i apply trichoz-p with huminoz through drip irrigation?
A: No. Use both of them separately.

Q: Can it be used along with fertilizers from Lazygardener?
A: Yes but don’t spray chemical fugicide

Q: Iske sath hum plant ki growth ke liye kya mix kare
A: utkarsh microbes and Vamoz. aap keval jaivik product hi mix kare.

Q: Can I use chemical pesticides and fertilizers after using this product
A: Yes, you can use chemical fertilizer and chemical insecticide after 3-4 days. But don’t use chemical fungicide specifically.

Q: क्या trichoderma पानी और गुड़ के मिक्सचर मै multiply हो सकता हैं।
A: No.

Q: I can use trichoz-p papaya crop, but some where papaya plants are killed
A: Give proper water. Temperature is very high. TRICHOZ can help in controlling fungus only.

Q: Can I use it for foliar spray or not
A: No. Trichoz can be applied in soil and root system of plants only

Q: Do you have a product containing various other fungus in addition to trichoderma for the soil sanitization
A: Yes. Its brand name is UTKARSH MICROBES, available on Amazon. It contains all known fungus and bacteria for soil sanitization.

Q: Is it possible to have humic acid drench after application of triko and p-sudo ?
A: Yes. Keep gap of 3 days.

Q: my papaya plants age 9 months some plants are killed h to drip fertigation in soil for trichoz-P
A: If your plants are dieing due to fungus, Trichoz will give you good results.

Q: How to use in potted plants?
A: Mix with the potting soil and use

Q: How to use..,
A: APPLICATION:- By mixing with 25-50 kg Organic manure/Neem cake/Castor Cake, By Drenching or drip irrigation. DOSE:- 1-3 kg/acre.

Q: Can i mix with soyabean sead at the time of sowing of sead?
A: Yes

Q: Can we use rock phosphate,epsom salt,kelpmeal ,potash etc with trichoderma treated plants?
A: Yes

Q: Can it be used along with vam? if not, how long to wait after vam application?
A: Yes

Q: What is unique about tricoz wrt microbes , as under microbes post u told microbes also contains tricoderma viride.thanks.
A: This contains only trichoderma viride. Microbes contains trichoderma Viride with many other microorganism.
For curing root rot, use trichoz.
For prevention, use microbes.

Q: How much gms I need put in pot 10 lt.?
A: 5 grams

Q: Is it possible to create a trichoderma culture by adding the product with cow dung manure/water and leaving it for a week under shade?
A: Not recommended. It may create contamination due to other bacteria fungus present in coe dung.

Q: Diff between trichoderma p and terchoderma l plz
A: P is for powder. L is for liquid.
Both contains Trichoderma Virdi only.

Q: How many grams do we need for 1 coconut tree
A: 10 to 50 grams depending on size of the tree

Q: Manufacturing date ??
A: August or September 2020

Q: Does this help a plant where root rot has already set in?
A: In my case this pesticide doesn’t help me…on the contrary when I had to solely dependant on this by leaving all other chemical pesticides aside ..my roses got died of some fungal or dead end disease. If u buy this then don’t depend solely on this…now I started using some neem water to spray regularly on all of my flowering plants

Q: How to use in potted plants?
A: 2-4 gm per plant

Q: How do i use it for potted plants? Is it safe to use for anthurium? Can it also be added in the soil mix while putting the plants?
A: For posted plants, give directly or by drenching with water @ 5gm/litre water.
Trichoz is 100% safe for Anthurium.
Yes. It can be adding while planting.

Q: Can i apply it along with v moz – l through drip drip irrigation? what will be rate of application per acre? crop specific pl.
A: Yes. You can.
For TRICHOZ – Rate is 1-2 kg for short duration crop and 2-4 kg for long duration crop per acre.

Q: Does this cure dye back problem in plants?And can we apply it after pruning to the stem to avoid dye back?
A: If die back is soil borne, it works. If air borne, it does not.

Q: I need to use this to peas plants since it is turning yellow from the bottom..so how much do i need to use in a potted plants?
A: In 1 litre water add 5 grams. Give this solution in the root system.
Repeat after 5 days.

Q: Does this help in cure of dye back problem which arises due to pruning/cutting in plants?if no, do you offer any such product ( organic)?thanks
A: Trichoz does not control die back due to pruning/cutting.
You can use Fungfree or Silfert for that.

Q: Can i use together trichoz-p, nematoz-p, vamoz-p?
A: Yes

Q: How can we use it for drip irrigation.what is the procedure .
A: Add 1 kg in 200 litre water. Give this solution for 0.5 – 1 acre.

Q: I have applied on white grub directly but they are still alive from past 2 days is this really same product?
A: This product is for soil based fungus and not for grubs. You have used wrong product.
For grubs we have BEVEROZ.

Q: I want fertilizer with composition of 7-9-5
A: We dont have this composition. We have 10-10-10 composition in name of Prime all

Q: Can we mix 500gms per 5kg vermicompost and use immediately?
A: Yes

Q: Paani or iska ratio kitna hona chahiye
A: 5 gram/litre water.

Q: Can I use it only one-time when making potting mix? or do I need to regularly add in water too?
A: Use every 2-3 months for good results along with water.

Q: Can we spray it with npk o o 50
A: You can, but Don’t know how it will dissolve into the water as in powder form and npk granular form….I don’t think it’s a good idea.

Q: Ek acer ki dose kya hai.
A: Written in the description

Q: When is the best time to apply it for soil treatment?
A: Before sowing

Q: How much to use in soil-less mix for a large pot (about 12 liter capacity)? How to use?
A: 5 to 10 grams. You can give directly in pot and then give water.

Q: How much to use when creating a potting mix of 15 litre pot? Don’t have weighing scale, so please give in terms of tablespoons
A: 1 table spoon is fine.

Q: How to use seed germination time?
A: 5-10 grams per kg seed. Do the coating.

Q: Kya esko direct use kar sakte hai. Ya ese multiply karna padega
A: Use directly

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