Utkarsh 3" Khurpi, Garden Bypass Pruner Cutters & Anvil Double Cut Secateurs|Rust-free Garden Plant Tools for Soil Tilling, Cutting, Pruning, Digging|Handy Tools for Indoor/Outdoor Gardens, Small Farms|Set of 3 Tools

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Product Description

Product Description:-

Bringing you all a range of our Khurpi or Khurpa-Gardening Tools, a must have companion for every gardener. These tools are very popular for ages due to their efficient performance and versatile nature. The khurpi is a small and a very popular hand tool and is available in various shapes and sizes. It is also known as a hand hoe and is most commonly used hand tool for weeding. In this pack, you will receive khurpi 3", commonly use in small farms or in ridges or rows of vegetables to hoeing or earth up the weeds in small, medium and large pots.

Utkarsh Garden Pruner Cutters or Major Cut Pruners, otherwise known as hand pruners or plant Cutters, are heavy-duty scissors specifically designed to cut plant stems and hard shrub branches. They’re the perfect tools to have on hand when gardening, farming, and flower arranging. Garden pruning Cutters are more than Cutters. They’re beautification tools that will enhance your plants’ attractiveness and overall aesthetic of your area.               

Utkarsh Anvil  Double Cut Secateurs are used for trimming off dead twigs, branches, and limbs. 

The Khurpi or Khurpa-Gardening Tools are designed with precision and craftsmanship, ensuring its durability and longevity. The tool is used in squatting position. The khurpi consists of a sharp, straight-edged metallic blade with a tang embedded into a wooden handle. Its robust handle provides a comfortable grip, allowing you to work for extended periods with comfort.

The khurpi is used for removing weeds and unwanted plants from the crop. The sharp and sturdy blade effortlessly cuts through soil making it ideal for various gardening tasks such as breaking the surface layer, aeration, planting of seeds, favorite flowers, vegetables, or herbs., transplanting of vegetable seedlings, harvesting of tuber crops and mulching of the soil.

It is used for small-scale gardening processes such as bed preparation, digging, tilling, and weeding. It is used to cut branches of trees.

Our Khurpi or Khurpa gardening tools feature best-quality materials that ensure their resilience against harsh outdoor conditions making them a viable choice for all your gardening tasks.

The primary purpose of Garden Pruner Cutters is to remove dead, diseased, or damaged stems and branches from plants and bushes. It’s important to remove parts of plants that have died because dead stems tend to attract unwanted insects and harbor diseases. Pruning will also help to improve plant health and prevent undesired growth.
It is crafted from durable and best-quality material; hence this enhance it to withstand the demands of regular use in various gardening environments. They have ergonomic designed handles to provide you comfortable and fatigue-free grip.

You can sharpen hand pruners’ blades with a file or whetstone. Be sure to dry and oil the blades after each use and sharpen regularly to ensure clean cuts. When not in use, they should be placed in a cover to prevent accidental cuts or injuries. Be sure to avoid storing them in areas that are exposed to weather and exterior elements- rain or moisture that may cause rust.

Utkarsh Anvil Double Cut Secateurs are used for trimming off dead twigs, branches, and limbs. These shears chop rather than cut. The Anvil pruners OR roll-cut secateurs have one stationary, flat-surfaced blade with a groove in the middle, and one slicing blade that cuts down directly into the groove. The blades on an anvil pruner are often straight. These pruners are ideal for cutting away dead twigs, stems, or small branches, as the crushing cutting action easily snaps away dry, dead materials. It generally takes less effort to cut with an anvil pruner than with a bypass pruner. While these pruners are ideal for pruning dead branches and woody materials, they can also be used to clip through greenery and stems.

You will love the high-quality stainless-steel roll cut secateurs with ergonomic design, as well as the rubbery covers that provide a secure & Comfortable grip while adding a cushioning feel—no hand pain here even after a lengthy session in the garden.
This tool is also helpful to remove infected plant parts. The handle color of this tool may vary depending on the availability. Metal parts of this tool are coated for protection from rust and the handle of this tool is specially designed for better grip.

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