Utkarsh Garden Drainage Cell Mats (Thickness: 30 mm) Terrace/Kitchen Garden | Heavy-Duty, Highly Durable Polypropylene Water Drain Cell Mats for Indoor-Outdoor Home Garden

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Product Description

Product Description:-

Mostly, people love to do indoor-outdoor, terrace or balcony gardening as per the availability of the space. If proper drainage facility is not available in such places then it may lead to root rot, soil erosion and stunt plant growth due to water logging. In order to avoid these problems, a PP dimpled membrane or drainage mat or drain cell mat is the best option to lift the pots or grow bags and maintain the area under/around them easily.
Utkarsh Drainage Cell Mat has a strong, uniform three-dimensional structural design made from 100% recycled polypropylene. It is light weight, highly durable and quick & easy to install and has a high load bearing capacity, hence provide the solution for sub-surface drainage systems, which helps in creating successful rooftop gardens & planter boxes without any problem of cracking or leakage. Drain cells are used in creating the roof gardens, planter boxes, basements, pond filtration systems, concealed drains, Vertical or horizontal drainage and landscaping. Due to the versatile design of the drain cell mat, it can be fixed horizontally or vertically. Drain cell modules are easily interlocked in the same plane or at right angles to one another.

Efficient Drainage Ability:- By placing drain mats at the bottom of pots, grow bags, or raised beds, excess water can be easily discharged out due to its uniform structure & void spaces which results in preventing water from accumulating and stagnating, which helps to promote plant growth & helps to sustain a steady temperature on the wall surface. This drainage cell also controls water logging and decreases water pollutants.

Avoids Soil Erosion:- Due to regular watering and heavy rains sometimes, the soil gets washed away. Placing the drainage mat below the soil surface, acts as a protective barrier, reducing the risk of soil erosion and making your garden healthier.

Enhances Healthy Root Growth:- The drain cell mat promotes healthy root growth that are essential for strong and thriving plants by preventing waterlogging and hence, the presence of constant moisture under them will be avoided. The mats create an oxygen-rich environment and prevent suffocation of the roots. They also facilitate the free flow of rainwater through them. Thus, your terrace floor will not be spoiled due to constant moisture.

Promotion of Plant Health:- By preventing water from getting accumulated and excessive soil moisture, the drainage mats help to prevent fungal diseases and root rot, which in turn, reduces the risk of plant infection and increases the overall health of your garden.

Durability:- They are highly durable, weather and chemical resistant and can be reused repeatedly for quite a number of years as they don’t deteriorate. So, you can install them happily to fulfill your wish of having a lawn/garden on your terrace for a long time.

Usage Of Drainage Cell Mats In Your Home Garden:-
The drainage mat can be easily installed in your home garden so that it can remarkably increase the effectiveness of your garden’s drainage system by facilitating the free flow of water underneath them. This also prevents algae or unwanted pathogenic and insect growth under/near to grow bags and pots.

Selection of a Drainage Cell Mat:- In order to select the right drainage cell mat that is suitable for your home garden, you need to consider factors such as the size of your garden, the types of plants you have, and the level of drainage improvements needed.

Prepare the Garden Area:- Clear the area where you plan to place the drainage cell mat. Remove any debris, rocks, or weeds that may hinder its placement.

Install the mat:- Place the drainage cell mat on the ground, making sure it covers the entire area where you want to improve drainage. The drainage cell mat lifts the container and create a gap between the floor and container. Make sure the mat extends slightly beyond the base of the grow bags or pots so that excess water can drain easily.

Check, and Arrange:- Check your home garden drainage regularly to make sure it is working efficiently. If you observe any areas where water is still accumulating, consider arranging the position or adding more drainage cell mats as required.

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