Utkarsh Garden Hose Nozzle Spray Gun with 8 Patterns | High Pressure Nozzles for Gardening, Cleaning, Lawn, Yard, Rugs, Car/Bike, Floor, Walkway & Pets | Anti-Slip Design Ergonomic Grip Nozzle Spray with Leak Proof 2 Pcs Metal Clamps|Green

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Product Description

Product Description:-

Utkarsh Garden Hose Nozzle Spray gun features 8 different spray patterns with plenty of settings to suit all of your gardening and cleaning needs- whether you need a high-pressure jet for spraying the driveway, walkway or require a gentle mist for your flowers and seedlings.

Spray patterns:
• Center – Similar to shower but with more substantial water flow and narrower width
• Cone – Wide, fine spray dispersion
• Jet – Strong, far-reaching spray good for cleaning and hosing down
• Mist – Perfect for gently spraying seedlings
• Vertical – Narrow, tall spray for precision watering
• Flat – Great for rinsing off cars and windows
• Full – Wide jet-type spray
• Shower – Best for watering established plants, garden beds, pots and lawns

Durability:- Utkarsh Garden Hose Nozzle Spray gun is made of high-quality material- a zinc alloy and impact-resistant ABS Plastic with TPR rubber coating (thermoplastic rubber), making it very durable, rust-resistant, and leak-proof. 

Eight-Adjustable-Pattern Nozzle Sprayer:- The heavy-duty hose nozzle features 8 watering patterns including vertical, flat, full, shower, center, stream, cone & mist to meet all of your watering needs. It has 360° adjustable feature: The sprayer head is 360° adjustable and easy to switch for different watering patterns.  

Comfortable Grip:- The handle and trigger of the sprayer nozzle are designed with ergonomic contours to grip naturally and comfortably.

Labor-saving Design:- The garden nozzle has a lock bar at the bottom of the handle, which can keep the water remains on without applying any pressure.

Flow Control:- The flow control knob automatically manages the pressure and can adjust the watering pressure for each of the 8 spray patterns, which can expand your options from gentle showers to powerful spray when you need to water your garden, lawn, grass, plants, and flowers and for cleaning purpose.

Flexible & Leak Proof:- Threaded with the 3/4” Garden Hose Thread (GHT), this water hose sprayer fits all standard garden hoses. The nozzle nipple and quick connector attached to the garden hose nozzle are suitable for all standard hoses. The hose nozzle sprayer is insulated with rubber gaskets to prevent leakage and save water.

How to Connect with Hose:-
1. This Spray Gun Can be fitted with ½”, ¾” and 1” PVC Hoses.
2. Put the Connector into Hose pipe.
3. Fix the clamps and tight with screw driver.

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