Utkarsh Major Bypass Pruner Cutters & Hand Shovel or Trowel|Rust-free Garden Plant Tools for Soil Tilling, Cutting, Pruning, Digging|Handy Tools for Indoor/Outdoor Gardens, Small Farms|Set of 2 Tools

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Product Description

Product Description:-

Utkarsh Major Cut Pruners, otherwise known as hand pruners or plant Cutters, are heavy-duty scissors specifically designed to cut plant stems and hard shrub branches. They’re the perfect tools to have on hand when gardening, farming, and flower arranging. Garden pruning Cutters are more than Cutters. They’re beautification tools that will enhance your plants’ attractiveness and overall aesthetic of your area.                                                         

Utkarsh Hand Shovel is effectively designed to last a long time, provides a good and comfortable grip, so you don’t get fatigued and your wrists hurt and makes it easier to handle heavy tasks. 

The primary purpose of Major Pruner Cutters is to remove dead, diseased, or damaged stems and branches from plants and bushes. It’s important to remove parts of plants that have died because dead stems tend to attract unwanted insects and harbor diseases. Pruning will also help to improve plant health and prevent undesired growth.
It is crafted from durable and best-quality material; hence this enhance it to withstand the demands of regular use in various gardening environments. They have ergonomic designed handles to provide you comfortable and fatigue-free grip.

You can sharpen hand pruners’ blades with a file or whetstone. Be sure to dry and oil the blades after each use and sharpen regularly to ensure clean cuts. When not in use, they should be placed in a cover to prevent accidental cuts or injuries. Be sure to avoid storing them in areas that are exposed to weather and exterior elements- rain or moisture that may cause rust.

Utkarsh Hand Shovel’s blade is made of stainless steel and has a layer of rust-proofing to enhance the strength, reliability and durability to withstand all kinds of gardening tasks. Easy to store the tool and do not have to be maintained often. This hand shovel will endure the rigors of gardening for many years.

The hand shovel is used for digging, scooping, transplanting, weeding and moving loose materials, including soil, sand, and tarmac. Shovels come in various sizes and shapes. The purpose of a shovel is to dig up the soil and incorporate compost into the soil of a flower bed. The blade cuts through tough grass with ease.

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Total waste of money

The major bypass pruner is of no use, it's not sharp at all. It breaks instead of cutting. And the mention of teflon coating is just a lie it's black paint tbh. disappointed with the quality.