Utkarsh MAP(12:61:00) (Mono Ammonium Phosphate) (NH4)H2PO4 Crystalline Speciality 100% Water Soluble Complex Fertilizer (Foliar Spray Nutrition) Water Soluble Fertilizers

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Product Description
Contents % By Weight
Total Nitrogen N (as NH4) 12.0 Minimum
Total Phosphorus P(WS) (as P2O5) 61.0 Minimum
Sodium (as NaCl) 0.5 Maximum
Matter Insoluble in water 0.5 Maximum
Moisture 0.5 Maximum
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Good one

One of the great product from utkarsh company. Highly recommended... Me used utkarsh products. Got good result. Price worth. Easy to use

β€’ MAP (12:61:00) is free-flowing,fine crystalline powder which dissolves speedly and completely in water to form spray solution.

β€’ MAP (12:61:00) water-soluble fertilizer containing the highest phosphorus (P) content available.MAP Can be applied along with all water-soluble fertilizers except calcium fertilizers.

β€’ MAP (12:61:00) is useful for uniform bumper and healthy flowering. MAP is having nitrogen in ammoniacal (NH4) and offers better contol for n- avaibility.

β€’ MAP (12:61:00) is virtually free from Chloride, Sodium and Other harmful elements to plants.

Application & Doses :

Recommendations : Folier Spray Application.

DOSE : For all fruits crops it will be 75-90gm / 15L water, For All Vegetable crops it will be 60-75gm / 15L water, For All Pulses it will be 50-75gm / 15L water, For Cotton and soyabean it will be 75-90gm / 15l water, For Floriculture crops it will be 60-75gm / 15L water.

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Weight : 1 kg
Company : Utkarsh Agrochem Pvt.Ltd.
Net Content : 25 kg, 4.4 kg, 4.4 kg x 2, 900 gm, 900 gm x 10, 900 gm x 2, 900 gm x 3, 900 gm x 5