Utkarsh Natural River Sand (Aquarium Sand & Substrate Pure Organic Plants Soil Mix Additive)

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Utkarsh Organic Natural River Sand has a consistent, uniform, and fine texture as it is double sifted and it is devoid of any weeds, soil, or dirt. It is pure natural river sand with no alternations.

Improves the look of house plants by covering the soil.

Improves water drainage.

Loosen heavy or compacted soil.

Helps protect and retain moisture

The convenient size is easy to carry and work with.

River sand is ideal for lawn, garden, plants, construction, aquarium decoration, home decor hot frying, havan puja and any other decorations. It is clean, pure & natural river sand.

Suitable for decorative use in clear vases, dish gardens, and terrariums.

Adds a great look to all potted plants terrariums and indoor gardens.

Especially attractive with succulents and in rock gardens.

For adenium desert rose plant mix for non-seedlings, use 10-20% river sand by weight.


You need a Planter with holes, River Sand, bare root plant and potting kit.


Fill 3/4th of the planter with the river sand.

Remove dead roots or dirt stuck to your plants.

Dig a shallow hole that fits your plant and slowly put the roots of the plant in the hole.

Cover the entire roots with soil mix until the soil reaches the base of the plant.

Add some dressing pebbles on top of the soil (optional).

Do not water your plant right after you plant it. Wait for a few days to give the recently planted roots some time to stabilize in the new soil.

Company : Utkarsh Agrochem Pvt.Ltd.
Net Content : 4.4 kg, 900 gm