Utkarsh Plant Support Clips|Wall Fixture Clips for Plant Climbing|Vines Climbing Wall Fixer Self-Adhesive Hook|Invisible Fixing Holder, Plant Vine Traction for Indoor Outdoor Decoration Fixation|Leaf Plant Organizer Clips- Set of 30 PCS

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Product Description

Product Description:-

Plants like Tomato, Cucumber, Capsicum etc., need some support to grow high. Installing trellis support with the frames is a time consuming as well as a tough job. Even though they give good support to the plants, they take much time, space and also costly. So, here is one such product that can help you in growing such plants easily. It is called Plant Support Clip. The clips are used as stem support clips or ties for trellising purpose. These Plant Support clips are used for hanging plants like cucumber, capsicum & tomato in poly houses. They provide support to the plants and help them in growing high. They are to be fixed at the Y junction of the plant branch. At this point, the clips can hold the plant well. It is very easy to fix to the plants. Now you can grow the creeper plants easily with the Plant Support Clips.

Blending in with the Plants' Leaves - They are not afraid of rain and corrosion, makes your plant face sunlight. You can use it for outdoor or indoor plants. Suitable for small and medium-size plants, such as orchids, tomato support, green dill, Creeper, ivy, seedlings. Not suitable for large plants. Creative green dill fixator, beautiful wall hanging does not take up space and is conducive to the growth of rattan.

Safe & Durable: The cute green leaf shape plant clips are made of environmentally, safe, and degradable material, safe and non-toxic, sturdy and durable, and can be reused for a long time, which can support and fix plant while not harming plants.

Easy Installation: Installation is simple and does not even require any tools. Use your fingers to gently open the plant clips, put the vines of the plant into the clip, buckle it, and stick the plant fixture clips on the wall.

Practical & Beautiful: Plant wall clips is widely used in the traction and finishing of plants, vines, cables, guide and fix the growth direction of plants, solve the problem of plant vines intertwining each other or cable clutter, etc. Create clean and beautiful environment. Suitable for small and medium-size plants, such as orchids, tomato support, green dill, Creeper, ivy, seedlings. They can also be used for household cable organization to make the house tidy and spacious.

Paste Firmly: Plant vine wall clips with high-viscosity transparent invisible acrylic stickers, not easy to fall off, not afraid of rain and sun, and can be torn off when not in use without hurting plants and walls, leaving no traces.
Wide Applications: Suitable for smooth walls such as tiles, marble, glass, solid wood, etc., can be used for decoration in living rooms, offices, restaurants, shops, gardens, balconies, fixing green dill, ivy, creeper, orchids and other small and medium-sized plants.

How to use:
• 1. Before attaching the adhesive clip, make sure the surface is clean, dry and free from dust.

• 2. Remove the film from the back of the clip.

• 3. Place on any smooth surface and press firmly to remove any air bubbles.

• 4. Try to leave it 24 hours before hanging any item to ensure it is firm and fixed. It will stick better the longer you leave it.

Please note:
• Not suitable for wallpaper, painted walls or rough surfaces.

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