Utkarsh Silfert - Potash Fortified with Silicon (Enhances Silica Absorption in Plants)

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Product Description
Contents % By Weight
Colour White
pH (1%) 8-10
Bulk Density 1.012g/cc
Water soluble Potassium as K2O per cent by weight, minimum 18.0
Total Si (OH)4 per cent by weight, minimum


  • Utkarsh Silfert is a chemical fertilizer compliant with the Fertilizer Control Order (FCO) of 1985. It is potash fortified with silicon, containing a minimum of 18% water-soluble potassium (K₂O) and 12% silica (Si(OH)₄), essential for plant growth and development.
  • Utkarsh Silfert increases resistance to pathogens and insects, enhances white root development, and promotes overall plant growth. It boosts the yield of all annual and vegetable crops, promotes upright growth with stronger and thicker stems, shorter internodes, prevents lodging, and ensures favorable exposure of leaves to light.
  • Utkarsh Silfert provides resistance to bacterial and fungal diseases and reduces certain abiotic stresses such as temperature extremes, salinity, heavy metal toxicity, and aluminum toxicity.
  • Utkarsh Silfert reduces crop production expenditure by approximately 30% by enhancing the uptake of essential nutrients like nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), and silicon (Si). This leads to an increase in overall crop yield while lowering production costs.
  • Target Crops:-
    Utkarsh Silfert is suitable for all kinds of fruit crops such as banana, mango, papaya, guava, lemon, and pomegranate, as well as for all vegetable crops, field crops, and ornamental crops.
  • Doses:
    Foliar Application:- 2 ml per liter of water
    Soil/Drip/Drenching Application:- 1-2 liters per acre

Utkarsh Silfert:- Potash Fortified with Silicon. Features: - Contains 18% water-soluble potassium (K₂O) - Includes 12% silica (Si(OH)₄) - FCO-compliant fertilizer - Suitable for foliar, soil, drip, and drenching applications. Advantages: - Enhances nutrient uptake (N, P, Ca, Mg, Si) - Increases resistance to pathogens, insects, and diseases - Reduces production costs by approximately 30% - Improves white root development and overall plant growth.

Benefits:- Boosts yield of all annual, vegetable, and fruit crops - Promotes stronger, thicker stems and optimal leaf exposure to light - Minimizes abiotic stresses like temperature extremes and salinity - Ideal for a wide range of crops, including

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