5 Golden tips for the ultimate Mango Cultivation in India

May 19, 2023

5 Golden tips for the ultimate Mango Cultivation in India

Mango (Mangifera indica L.) has always been referred to be the king of fruit.

In India, Mango is grown in almost all the states but high production is observed in Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Bihar, and Tamil Nadu.

Mango is a very important fruit for the India, both commercially and socially.

A lot of farmers’ livelihood depends on Mango cultivation.

Thus, today we will discuss a few problems and important tips about Mango Cultivation at different stages of farming.

Throughout the article, we will also point out specific products to be used for better growth & productivity of the Mango Trees.

These products can be easily found on our Website –  as well as on Amazon – India.

Steps to be taken after Monsoon for Mango Farming

To begin with, remove the unwanted plants, grasses, and other weeds grown in between the trees with the help of a tractor.

Further, manually remove small weeds and unwanted growth from the soil around the tree.

Next, begin cleaning the Mango trees to free it from dry branches & leaves, fungus infected parts, and other unwanted outgrowth.

After cleaning, apply a mixture of Geru/Choona, and Chlorpyrifos to apply it on the entire bark of the tree (5kg Geru/Choona + 200-500 ml Chlorpyrifos in 20 liters of water).

Apply this mixture on 3 feet of the bark above the ground.

This is applied to remove the “Mango-hoppers” that might be living inside the trees bark and to avoid mango-hoppers settling safely in tree bark.

New Leaves, New Challenges

When rain stops and there is wapsa condition in soil with high temperature, new leaves come which is a challenge.

When the Mango trees are at its “New Leaves” stage, the farmers have to face a few new challenges as well, as new leaves are thin and under-grown.

This is usually because of the attack of pests like thrips and Mango-hoppers that needs to be eradicated. Secondly, farmers alsPanther & SIL Spread for mango farmingo have to put efforts into maturing the new leaves to get flowering on time.

These problems can easily be taken care of through our Spray Program.

For new leaves growth and pest control, we recommend a spray of three important products – Horse Power (2 litre), Cyper + Propenophos (0.25 litre), and Sil spread (0.05 litre) in 200 liters of water.

Horse Power by Utkarsh helps in photosynthesis and optimizes plant metabolism to encourage excellent flowering and fruit setting. The mixture of Cyper + Propenophos controls pests like Mango Hoppers and Caterpillars.

Sil Spread by Utkarsh is added in the spray solution to increase its penetration speed in the plants. Hence, maximum benefit of spray solution observed.

Sometimes, the farmers might notice that the branches and leaves of Mango Trees have matured but there’s no sign of flowering.

In such a scenario (25 Days after 1st Spray), an additional spray of Panther (0.5 litre) and Sil spread (0.05 litre) is highly recommended. This will quickly help the trees with excellent flowering.

Maintenance during the winters

There are multiple challenges faced by Mango Trees during or the beginning of Winter Season.

These challenges include fungus attack, mango-hoppers, and appropriate setting of fruits. At this point (Immediately after flowering), we recommend a spray of 200-300 ml of Hexaconazole 5% SC and 60-80 ml of Imidacloprid 17.8% in 200 liters of water.

Combi -2 | Neemoz – Silver - Utkarsh Agrochem - Immediate after flowering for excellent conversion of the flower into fruits for Mango Farming

Combi -2 | Neemoz – Gold - Utkarsh Agrochem - When flowers are setting into fruits for excellent setting of fruits for mango farming

Additionally, for perfect fruit setting, the trees need micronutrients which can be provided by our product – Combi -2 (0.4 kg) and to keep pests like Mango-hoppers away for a very long time, also add “Neem Oil 1500 ppm azadiractin” or Neemoz – Silver (0.4 liters) by Utkarsh.

In the same stage, only 20 days after the previous spray, we recommend another round of spray with 40 ml of Imidacloprid 30.5% (commonly known as Super Imida), 0.4 liters of Carbendism, 0.4 kg of Combi, and 0.3 liters of Neemoz Gold.

This additional spray will provide double surety of excellent setting and double protection from pests. Pro Tip: Avoid spraying during the stage where several types of flies (Makkhi) are found in the farms. These flies help in pollination and might get killed by the effects of spray.


Stress Free - Utkarsh Agrochem - for avoid dropping of fruits for 20-50 grams size mango farming

Avoid DROPPING of Mango Fruits

We are now in a stage where the mango flowering has occurred and fruits are set (Fruits are of 20-50 gm size).

The summers have begun and it is the right time to give water to the farms.

Now, the biggest challenge is to avoid DROPPING of Mango fruits.

Dropping usually occurs due to reasons like fungus attack, powdery mildew, Caterpillars, excess heat, Mango-hoppers etc.

To avoid these problems, a combination Spray of Carbendism + Mencozeb (0.4 liters) in 200 liters of water must be done if the summers have just started. If it is already too hot, we recommend only Mencozeb.

On the other hand, if it’s still cold, the spray alternative of Thiophanate methyl (0.4 liters) should be used.

The most important product at this stage to AVOID DROPPING is Stress Free (0.4 liters) by Utkarsh.

Stress Free directly strengthens that point of the Mango Fruits & Tree where the dropping occurs by making it thicker & sturdier.


Ensuring best Fruit size, weight and quality

Now that the Fruits are of 50-70 gm size, the only challenge ahead for farmers is ensuring a good size, quality, and taste of the fruits.

The ideal quality, taste, and size of Mangoes can be successfully achieved by a combination spray of 13-0-45, also known as Potassium Nitrate (1 kg), F-enhancer (0.4 kg), and Bhim Plus (80 ml) in 200 liters of water.

F-Enhancer | Bhim Plus - Utkarsh Agrochem

F-Enhancer | Bhim Plus - Utkarsh Agrochem

The F-Enhancer maintains uniform growth & shape of new developing fruits for best quality and production.

On the other  hand, the popular product of Utkarsh – Bhim Plus is a unique Gibberellic Acid based combination that helps in increasing the overall production of the farm.

Watch step by step guide of Mango Farming on YouTube channel for best results in Mango Farming

Mango Farming - 6 Video Guide - Utkarsh Agrochem


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Mango Farming - Step by Step Guidance to yield 40% increase


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We wish you the best in your pursuit to grow Mangoes.

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