Everything you need for successful Potato Farming

May 19, 2023

Everything you need for successful Potato Farming

Potato is one of the most grown crops in India and Potato Farming is one of the most important farming practices of the world.

The applications of potatoes are limitless from being used as vegetable and for making chips to being used for several industrial purposes for production of starch & alcohol. Thus, Potato Farming holds high significance in the commercial sense as well.


Potato is grown almost in all states of India including Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Punjab, Karnataka, Assam and Madhya Pradesh. The farmers of Potatoes can earn handsome returns if potato farming is done efficiently and the quality of crops produced is great.


With the strategic use of Utkarsh’s products, you can easily increase the production quantity and quality of potatoes. The products can be used at various stages of cultivation and plantation.

To help farmers achieve that, we have come up with an article pointing out everything you need for successful Potato Farming.


Soil requirements

Potatoes can grow on wide range of soil but because they do all their growing underground, they can expand more easily in loose & loamy soil. So, “well drained sandy loam and medium loam soils with rich in organic content” is the ideal soil for potato farming but to be honest, potatoes will grow in just about any well-drained soil.

However potatoes cannot grow well in waterlogged soil, saline soil, heavy clay soil, soggy soil, and alkaline soil.

Before Sowing

The soil needs to be prepared by ploughing, harrowing, and planking to create an ideally leveled bed before swing. Apart from maintaining appropriate moisture in the soil, farmers also need a few products of Utakrsh to make the soil more fertile and germ-free.

Add DAP, Marvelz- G, MOP, Magnesium Sulphate, Urea, and Organic Manure to the soil before sowing to ensure BEST YEILD.

The Marvelz-G by Utkarsh is a natural, organic and biological growth promoter in granule form for the overall growth and development of potatoes.

For dosage details, get in touch with us or check out our website –

But this is not everything you need for successful Potato Farming, there’s much more!

Potato Spray Schedule


Sowing and 6 days after initiation of leaf

Accurate planting time is essential for attaining good quality yield. Best time of planting is when maximum and minimum temperature is from 30-32 °C and 18-20 °C respectively.

Add 12:61:00, Panther, 0:0:50, Urea, Microbes, Horse Power, ZinGap, Mandate, and Roots Multiplier 6 days after initiation of leaf for the best yield and protection of the crops.



Panther is a unique combination of biologically activated enzymes, amino acids, seaweeds and nutrients inorganic and natural form, best balanced combination of various nutrients for trunk formation. Both Panther and Horse Power helps potatoes in photosynthesis and optimizes plant metabolism.

MICROBES is an excellent product for controlling soil borne fungal diseases like root rot, collar rot, stem rot, fusarium wilt etc, various bacterial diseases in soil and various kinds of nematodes like root knot, cyst, reniform nematodes etc.

ZinGap is used in the formation of chlorophyll and some carbohydrates, conversion of starches to sugars. It is essential in the formation of auxins, which help with growth regulation and stem elongation in the potatoes.

ManDate is involved in pollen germination, pollen tube growth, root cell elongation, and resistance to root pathogens in Potato farming.

Roots multiplier is made using different hormones and enzymes that enhances the hairy feeding roots formation in POTATOES at any stage as new root formation takes place.

We are almost done with everything you need for successful Potato Farming.


After 2nd dose of planting - Potato FarmingAfter 2nd dose of planting

Add 13:0:45 after 16 days of germination, add Combi -2 after 18 days of germination, add 13:0:45 again after 20 days of germination, add Combi -2 again 22 days of germination, and finally add 13:0:45 once again 24 days of germination.

This entire process is crucial in getting best yield out of Potato Farming.

Combi-2 helps to prevent mix crop deficiencies in different forms occurred gradually at different growth stages of crops. It is chelated with EDTA and thus assures fast absorption of all individual micro elements in to plants.


After ridging and hilling

Add Calcium nitrate, F-Enhancer, Horse Power, and Urea in the Potato Crops for a quality tuber.

F-Enhancer maintains uniform growth and shape of new developing Potatoes for best quality and production. F-Enhancer also significantly improves the shelf life of potatoes which is crucial for farmers.

Utkarsh Horse Power is a unique combination of activated polyphosphate blended with all 6 micronutrient in available form. It’s also best balanced combination of various nutrients for optimum growth of the Potato crops.

You will know everything you need for successful Potato Farming, once you also know how to ensure canopy development, quality tuber development, and tuber bulking.

What to do for canopy development and initiation of tuber hook stage?

The canopy development and initiation of tuber hook stage are crucial for quality yield of potatoes. For this, Utkarsh has a strategic set of products that needs to be used in a specific way.

Add Combi-2 and 0:0:50 7 to begin with i.e after 30 days of germination. After this we need two cycles of Calcium nitrate, F-Enhancer, 12:61:00, Urea, Combi-2, and 0:0:50 each in equal time interval of 2 days.

We have already discussed the applications of F-enhancer and Combi-2 in this blog. For dosage, method, and application details – you always refer our website or get in touch with us for free consultancy.


How to ensure tuber initiation and development of quality tubers?

At around 44 days after germination, add two cycles of Calcium nitrate, Beshape, Magnesium Sulphate, ZinGap, and Mandate. This strategic combination of nutrients and Utkarsh’ products will instantly help Potato crops in Tuber initiation and development of quality tubers. After this, add Calcium Nitrate and Beshape to the plant after around 52 days.

BeShape helps to prevent boron deficiencies in different forms occurred gradually at different growth stages of the potatoes.


Magnesium Sulphate regulates the uptake of other nutrients by the potato plant. It also enhances plants ability to produce more tubers and of better quality.

We have already discussed in the blog, how Zingap and Mandate helps our potato crops.

Tuber Bulking

For Tuber bulking, we simply have to repeat the strategically chosen products in the following manner. Add 12:61:00 and Magnesium sulphate at around 54 days, add Calcium nitrate at around 56 days, add 12:61:00 at 58 days, and finally add Magnesium sulphate and Calcium nitrate once again at 60 days. This complete cycle of providing the Potato crops with appropriate nutrients and protection guarantees an optimum cultivation.

We wish you the best in your pursuit to grow Potatoes. May you have the best yield ever! Feel free to contact Utkarsh for any doubts and advice –

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