10 Amazing Winter Plants For Home Gardening

May 19, 2023

10 Amazing Winter Plants For Home Gardening

Every once in a while, we fantasize about turning that favourite space in our homes, terrace or gardens into a little nursery of our own but that has only been a dream because of some or the other reasons. However, winters will be on our doorstep in no time and what is better than to start with winter plants and mark the beginning of your own experience about home gardening?   

Here comes a little guide for home-gardening, to boost up your motivation to build your own nursery as this blog will take you across five vegetables and five flowers that may bring light to your home this winter.  


  1. Tomatoes

The best thing about home gardening is that you’ll get a hand at fresh and healthy tomatoes right from your garden. Tomatoes are a great start if you’re a beginner at home gardening. They don’t require a lot of space and can grow in the tiniest pot. 

  1. Spinach

Spinach is a cool-weather plant. They don’t require much time before they start giving leaves. They do require a little larger pot but they won’t require much of the sunlight and that makes it perfect to start with home gardening!  

  1. Mint

Mint are actually summer-friendly plants but you can grow them indoors for fresh leaves throughout the winters. They are adjustable in smaller pots and even water bottles.  

  1. Broccoli  

Broccolis are a delicious and nutritious crop and give a good outlook to your mini garden. They require a sun-spot and partial shade to grow and will happily grow in a pot. 

  1. Peas

Peas are a cool-weather plant and may not stay fresh for a longer time, so they must be enjoyed as soon as possible. However, they are very easy to grow and need some sun to grow pods and flowers and give a good face to your healthy vegetable cart!  


  1. Pansy

Pansies enjoy being in a cooler temperature. They prefer full sun or partial shade along with rich, well-drained soil that is high in organic matter. On the other hand, they are easy to grow and will beautify your garden.   

  1. Alyssum  

Alyssums are a must-have part of home gardening if you also hold a genuine liking for bees and butterflies and like to have them around. Alyssum needs direct sunlight for some 4-5 hours but too much heat can lead them to wither.  

  1. Dahlia 

They need plenty of sunlight and plenty of water. Dahlias are a heavy feeder so make sure you provide good compost, organically rich minerals and mulches.  

  1. Petunia  

Petunia are all year long plants and their bright and vibrant colours would make anyone fall in love with them. They need full light and regular watering.  


How do you start?  

Now that you’re aware of what plants can be easily grown in winter, you must also know how to grow them! Growing plants gets easier once you know which products can be used in the process. Any plant you take, vegetable or fruit, the basic requirements remain the same. So, let us go around and see what Utkarsh has in store for you:  

  1. Preparing the soil 

The first and foremost step of growing a plant is to prepare the soil. Preparing the soil means adding a proper amount of compost to it. To fill up the pot, you can also use media (for holding in water) instead of soil or compost.  

Utkarsh¬†agro¬†has several products for compost, such as¬†Utkarsh compost,¬†Utkarsh vermicompost, compost granules, Utkarsh Marvelz-G and¬†media ‚ÄstUtkarsh Cocopeat,¬†Utkarsh perlite¬†and¬†Utkarsh vermiculite. It also has a mixture of both ‚ÄstUtkarsh Pot Mix, to suffice different requirements of home gardening.¬†¬†¬†

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  1. Provide nutrition 

Once you’ve prepared the soil, you have to provide sufficient nutrition to it to grow a healthy plant. You can provide enrichment to the soil/plant by adding biofertilizers and biopesticides. 

To fulfil that requirement, you can use¬†Utkarsh Microbes¬†(5 gm/litre water) and¬†VAMoz ‚Äď L¬†(2 ml/litre water). We suggest you drench these above the solution in the pot alongside your routine watering.¬†¬†¬†microbes

  1. For quick growth

If you’re getting impatient on how to grow your plant quickly, then calm down! It is going to take its pace and grow accordingly. But that doesn’t mean you have to sit there and do nothing. You can give your plants adequate nutrition that is good for their growth. 

After the plantation is done, make sure to drench the root multiplier of 5ml/litre, stress-free of 2 ml/litre along with regular watering in the plant. This doesn’t end here though! Spray stress-free of 2 ml/litre, prime all of 2 gm/litre or double combi of 1 gm/litre after a period of every 10-15 days. This way, your plant will have proper nutrition and will also stay hydrated.  

stress free

  1. Flowering stage 

Everything comes to still if the flower isn’t blooming! The flowering stage is the most crucial part of growing a plant. Proper management during this period will be necessary if you need fresh and healthy plants. For this, you can spray horsepower of 20 ml/litre and Marvel of 1 ml/litre by drenching them along with routine watering after every 7-8 days.  

The health of the flower is equivalent to the size of the flowers and fruits. For the excellent size of the same, we’d suggest you use 13:0:45 of 7gm/litre, F-enhancer of 2 gm/litre and Bhim plus of 0.5 ml/litre.  

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  1. Get rid of insects 

One of the main tasks during home gardening is to get rid of insects that may destroy our plants or eat away the nutrition that was for the plant‚Äôs growth. Don‚Äôt wonder how, consider using products such as ‚ÄstBio clean sweep¬†of 2 ml/litre,¬†Neemoz gold¬†of 2-4 ml/litre,¬†Shield¬†of 2-4 ml/litre.¬†

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Make your plants disease-free 

The most important step of any plantation process is to make sure that your plants are disease-free. Plants are easily prone to diseases and they must be taken care of. Apart from the right amount of watering, sunlight and nutrition, they need a timely dose of fungus-free products that will make them healthier and keep them free of diseases. 

Utkarsh has a solution for this as well. Fung free can be used for 2 m/litre by drenching or spraying to get rid of air and soil-borne fungus-like powdery mildew, downy mildew, anthracnose, root rot, stem rot, etc.   

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Start gardening! 

Utkarsh brings to you a variety of products that will help you nourish, foster and grow healthy and beautiful plants to fulfil your wish of home gardening.  If you’re still confused about which products to buy, we have a whole home gardening kit that contains all the products that you’ll require for planting and that will be sufficient for 4-5 pots and last for 2-3 months. We believe that step 1 of gardening is gaining knowledge about the plants; step 2 is knowing when to plant them and so, here you are across both of them.  

If you were waiting for a sign to start home gardening, here it is! Shop from Utkarsh Agro now and give a touch of beauty to the boring walls in your house.  


We wish you the best yield ever! Feel free to contact Utkarsh for any doubts and advice.

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