13 Chemical Fertilizers For Better Results

May 19, 2023

13 Chemical Fertilizers For Better Results

Fertilizers improve the growth and productiveness of the plant. Natural fertilizers have probably been used since agriculture has come into existence. But in modern times, chemical fertilizers have become extremely popular and convenient since they give better and quick results.

Chemical fertilizers are basically divided into four categories based on the quantity required by plants:

  • Micronutrients
  • Secondary Nutrients
  • Major Nutrients
  • Primary Nutrients

In this blog, we are going to be talking about secondary nutrients and micronutrients, the significant categories of chemical fertilizers.

Utkarsh Agrochem has a wide range of chemical fertilizers that cater to all problems faced in agriculture.


Micronutrient fertilizers are a part of chemical fertilizers that contain iron, manganese, zinc, boron, molybdenum and copper.

  1. Utkarsh Combi 2: (EDTA Chelated Fertilizer)

Not acquiring desired growth in the new leaves formed on the plant, drying of the border of the leaves or leaves curling inward, leaves turning yellow or light green, all these are symptoms of deficiency of micronutrients. Combi 2 provides all 6 important micronutrients- Zinc, Iron, Manganese, Copper, Boron, Molybdenum in EDTA chelated form. Once Combi 2 is applied, the new leaves growing will be green and healthy. It will also improve fruit quality and crop production. It can be applied by spraying or with water by drenching or you can mix it in the soil by drip irrigation. The dosage for spraying is 2-3gm/ litre of water and for soil application, it is 1kg/acre.

chemical fertilizers

  1. Utkarsh Double Combi and Prime-All: (EDTA Chelated Fertilizer)

Are your plants facing problems like yellowing of leaves, stunted growth, reduction in leaf size or burning of the leaf margin? All these problems are due to a deficiency of different nutrients. All of these can be eliminated by one single application. Utkarsh Double Combi and Prime-All can be very effective in terms of chemical fertilizers when applied together to overcome these problems. Double Combi provides secondary nutrients like Magnesium and Calcium along with 6 micronutrients. Prime-All provides Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium, all three in an equal ratio of 10:10:10 along with amino acids. By applying these two together, plants are provided with all the necessary nutrients and can overcome the deficiencies easily. Dosage of Double Combi is 1-2 g/ litre and Prime-All is 2-3 g/ litre of water by spraying and 0.5/1 kg/ acre by drip irrigation.

chemical fertilizers

  1. Utkarsh FeGro, FeeDrip: (FeGro- EDTA Chelated Fertilizer, FeeDrip- Miscellaneous Fertilizer)

If the new leaves growing on your plant are turning out to be yellow or whitish in colour, but the veins are still green, then the plant is facing a deficiency of Iron. Utkarsh FeeDrip can be given to the plant at the rate of 1 to 2 gm/litre of water in the soil. By giving this 2-3 times in an interval of 7 days, the deficiency of iron can be controlled and green leaves can be seen growing back. Utkarsh FeGro should be given at the rate of 1-2gm.



  1. Utkarsh Calciboron: (Amino Chelated Fertilizer)

If your plant’s leaves are turning yellow and brown, wrinkling and turning inwards, and the terminal buds are dying, the plant is facing calcium deficiency. Giving Calciboron will help overcome the deficiency of calcium in the plant. It should be used along with calcium nitrate or Calmag proves more useful.


  1. Utkarsh Ampro Combi: (Amino Chelated Fertilizer)

It provides essential micronutrients to the crop and helps prevent mixed crop deficiencies. It is a protein hydrolysate mixture of different amino acids and micronutrients. Dosage is 2-3 g/litre of water by spraying and 0.5-1 kg/acre by drip irrigation.

ampro combi

  1. Utkarsh ZinGap: (EDTA Chelated Fertilizer)

If the leaves remain green but the veins turn yellow, it is a deficiency of Zinc. It’s called Interveinal Chlorosis. Utkarsh Zincap activates enzymes that are responsible for the synthesis of certain proteins, helps in the formation of chlorophyll and helps to convert starches into sugar. Zincap contains 12% Zinc in EDTA chelated form. The dosage is 1-2 g/litre of water by spraying and 1-1.5 kg/acre by drip irrigation or drenching.


  1. Utkarsh Silfert: (Miscellaneous Fertilizer)

Silicon provides many advantages to a plant. It enhances the growth and yield of crops, promotes upright growth, promotes favourable exposure to light, resistance to bacterial and fungal diseases, and increases the uptake of nutrients in plants. Silfert can be given by spraying or drenching. When sprayed on the leaves, it protects the leaves from pests. When given by drenching in the soil, it protects the roots from bacterial diseases. It contains 23% Silicon. Its dosage is 2ml/litre for foliar application and 1-2 litres/acre by drip irrigation or drenching.



  1. Utkarsh ManDate: (EDTA Chelated Form)

ManDate prevents Manganese deficiency in the plant. It helps in pollen germination, pollen tube growth, root cell elongation and resistance to root pathogens. Dosage should be 1-2 g/litre of water by spraying and 1-1.5kg/acre by drip irrigation.

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  1. Utkarsh BeShape: (Miscellaneous Fertilizer)

Your plants are producing flowers properly but the fruits aren’t being produced or the ones being produced remain small, weak and fall off after turning yellow or cracking. This problem is faced when there is a deficiency of boron in the plant. BeShape contains 20% Boron which can be given to the plant by mixing in the soil 1-2 kg/acre or by spraying at the rate of 2-3 gms/ litre of water. It is one of the very affective chemical fertilizers.


  1. Utkarsh CopQual: (EDTA Chelated Fertilizer)

If the border of the new leaves turns white or yellow or dark green with purple spots under its surface, then it’s a deficiency of copper that the plant is facing. Utkarsh CopQual helps in overcoming this and also helps in the development of colour in fruits and flowers. It contains 15% Copper in EDTA chelated form and is 100% soluble in water. The dosage is 1-2 g/litre of water by spraying and 1-1.5 kg/ acre by drip irrigation.

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  1. Utkarsh Combi Soil: (Miscellaneous Fertilizer)

It provides five essential micronutrients to the crop and prevents mixed crop deficiencies just like Utkarsh Combi Spray. Soil application is 10-25 kg/acre.

combi soil



Secondary nutrient fertilizers are a part of chemical fertilizers that contain Sulphur, Magnesium and Calcium.

  1. Utkarsh CaLong: (EDTA Chelated Fertilizer)

It improves the shelf life of the plant and its resistance to diseases. It also improves the quality of the flowers and the fruits which is commercially beneficial. Utkarsh CaLong contains 12% Calcium in EDTA chelated form and it is 100% soluble in water. Dosage should be 0.5-1 g/litre of water by spraying and 0.5-1 kg/acre by drip irrigation.

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  1. Utkarsh MagGreen: (EDTA Chelated Fertilizer)

If your plant doesn’t have the desired green colour, or is a lighter shade of green, except for the veins, then there is a deficiency of magnesium in the plant. To overcome this, Utkarsh MagGreen as chemical fertilizers can be used. It contains 6% magnesium in EDTA form. After applying it for 5-6 days, you will notice that the plant is turning greener, and this is due to the formation of chlorophyll in the plan.



Chemical fertilizers allow maximum crop yield by providing the necessary nutrients in the right quantity and make sure that the land produces efficiently. Choose the right kind of fertilizers and work from there. They are an amazing option for someone who is looking to boost crop yield.



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