7 Amazing Top Selling products of Utkarsh Agrochem

May 19, 2023

7 Amazing Top Selling products of Utkarsh Agrochem

Exploring the Top Selling products of Utkarsh Agrochem

Utkarsh Agrochem is a company that manufactures a variety of non-poisonous biological, plant extract, chelated micronutrient fertilizers, and PGR-based solutions for pest and insect management as well as crop and tree health.  Since 1999, the company is led by Mr. Sameer Allawadi, a Chemical Engineer management graduate in the field of specialization in agricultural and horticultural goods that are creative and result-oriented. The company is involved in the marketing of various types of agricultural inputs and is situated in Surat, India.

They also import numerous fertilizers and Plant Growth Regulators (PGRs) and create various goods to achieve various outcomes such as root development, stem formation, healthy leaf growth, outstanding blooming, and so on.

Utkarsh Agrochem has its wings spread over the nation through online platforms like Amazon and its e-commerce store. Utkarsh Agrochem has a wide range of products for all the problems of plants or crops. The products have been loved by farmers who use it as the combination of fertilizers and plants is the best friendship relationship of nature.

Out of all the numerous products of Utkarsh Agrochem, there are certain products that are evergreen and have made their positions in the top-selling list of the company.

Top Selling products are:

About Huminoz-98

Utkarsh Huminoz-98 is a biologically activated complex mixture of partially “decomposed” and otherwise transformed organic materials along with bio activators. It comprises of 98% of humic acid and is 100% organic and natural product. Organic humic acid is beneficial to the farmers and their crops as they improve the physical, chemical, and biological properties of soil. After using this product, the aeration and water holding capacity of soil will increase and it also improves the effectiveness of metallic fungicides.

Huminoz-98- products

What is so special about Huminoz 98?

You must have used different types of humic-based products but didn’t get the desired result on plants?

Then use Utkarsh Huminoz 98. This product is very effective and you get the result in 5-6 days because it’s increasing root growth. As a result, roots absorb more water and nutrients. Giving Huminoz 98 monthly will maintain healthy growth and development of plants and trees.

Utkarsh Huminoz 98 contains Humic Acid – 68-69% and K2O – 10-11% along with Fulvic acid.  This type of grade is sold by limited suppliers.

Huminoz 98 is 100% organic and natural product and is safe for soil, plants, and the environment.

Guide for usage:

  • Foliar application-1-2 gm / liter water
  • Drip irrigation: 1-1.5 kg/acre
  • Drenching: 2-3 gm/liter water

Testimonials of the Huminoz-98:

testimonial of product

testimonial of huminoz product

About Trichoz-P

Fungicides are insecticides that kill or prevent fungus and their spores from growing. They can be employed to combat plant-damaging fungus. Soil-borne fungus, collar rot, and other wild flaws can entirely destroy your plant. However, trichoderma, Utkarsh Trichoz – P is a biological fungicide that kills the fungus without harming the plant. Utkarsh Trichoz- P is a bio-fungicide prepared by the concept of Biotechnology. It is an effective remedy against root rot, wilt, stem rot, other disorders of the crops and soil-borne pathogens affecting all crops & plantations.

Utkarsh Trichoz-P is widely used for horticultural and floricultural plantations.

Trichoz – P product

Testimonials of the Trichoz –P:

Trichoz-P product

testimonial of product

Trichoz-P product testimonial

About Trichoz-L

Trichoz-L is a liquid biopesticide that operates as a bio-fungicide and was developed using Biotechnology. Trichoz is derived from the fungus Trichoderma viride. This product is used to protect crops from a variety of fungal and bacterial diseases such as angular leaf spot, bacterial blight, bacterial leaf spot, canker, mildews, rots, blotches, and spots, among others. Fungicides are insecticides that kill or halt fungus and their spores from growing.

Trichoz-L Products

Guide for usage:

  • The usage is to be done by mixing 25–50-liter organic manure/Neem cake/Castor Cake
  • Use by drenching.
  • Dode- 1-3 Liter/acre.

Testimonials of the Trichoz-L:

Trichoz-L product testimonial

Trichoz-L product testimonial

About Utkarsh MKP (Mono Potassium Phosphate) (00 : 52 : 34)

Utkarsh MKP(00:52:34) is a free-flowing, fine crystalline powder that is easy and speedy to dissolve in water. The mixture thus created, is used as a spray solution. The product is best suited for excellent flowering and fruit setting/fruit development as it has low EC and low salt index. MKP (00:52:34) foliar application has significant controlling effects on fungal disease and is also the compatible majority of pesticides.

mkp products


Flora serves a variety of purposes in every garden, whether private or public. Water-soluble fertilizers from Utkarsh Agrochem are extremely useful for the growth of flowers and fruits in the plants if you want a plentiful harvest of fruit and vegetables.

Testimonials  of MKP (00:52:34) :

mkp testimonial

About Utkarsh Combi 2

Utkarsh Combi-2 product has six essential micronutrients like Zinc, Iron, Manganese, Copper, Boron, Molybdenum together in optimum dose to crop. Due to the presence of the chelated micronutrient fertilizers, it helps to prevent mixed crop deficiencies in different forms occurred gradually at different growth stages of crops. The product is chelated with EDTA and thus assures fast absorption of all individual microelements into plants.


Recommended usage:

  • Foliar Spray Application: 3-4 gm / lit of water
  • Drip – Soil application: 1-2 / acre

Testimonials of Combi-2:

Combi 2-testimonial

combi 2 testimonial

About Utkarsh DOUBLE COMBI

(EDTA chelated mix of Secondary and Micro Nutrient with Cobalt) (100 % Water Soluble Foliar Spray) EDTA Chelated Fertilizers

Double Combi supply is a mixture of six essential micronutrients as well as two secondary nutrients with Cobalt together in optimum dose to crops. The product helps to prevent mix crop deficiencies in different forms occurred gradually at different growth stages of crops.

Recommendations usage of the product:

  • Foliar Spray Application: 2-3 gm / Lit of water
  • Drip –Soil Application: 0.5-1 Kg / Acre

Testimonials of Double Combi :

combi testimonial

combi testmonials

combi product

About Utkarsh NPK (19:19:19)

(Specialty Crystalline 100% Water Soluble Complex Fertilizer) (Drip Irrigation Fertilizer) Water Soluble Fertilizers

NKP (19:19:19) is a free-flowing, fine crystalline powder that dissolves speedy and completely in water to form a solution for drip irrigation application. The product supplies required macro nutrients (N, P & K) together in optimum close to crops. It contains nitrogen in different forms needed gradually at different growth stages of crops. It is useful especially for healthy vegetative active growth of young seeding and growing plants. The product is virtually free from chloride, sodium, and other harmful elements to plants.

Guide on usage:

  • Drip-Soil Application: 2-5 Kg / Acre.

Testimonials of NKP (19:19:19):


Utkarsh’s bio-fungicides are in ample supply. Farmers, growers, customers, and the environment all benefit from the use of high-quality bio-fungicides in sustainable agriculture. You can select an organic bio-fungicide from a wide variety of options based on the demands of your crop or plants. Bio-fungicides are a gentler, more natural approach to provide nutrients to plants. Bio-fungicides are derived from plants, animals, or minerals, and they contain a variety of nutrients that help to improve the soil ecology.

You can Watch more Testimonials on our YouTube Channel: 

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You can easily get our products on amazon and on our website.

All the products mentioned in this blog can be found on Amazon as well as the website of Utkarsh. Also, the method of application and the required dose can be easily found on our Website –

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Once again, all the products mentioned in this blog can be found on Amazon as well as the website of Utkarsh. Also, the method of application and the required dose can be easily found on our Website –


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