Brief about 5 Greatest Utkarsh Product Roots Multiplier

May 09, 2023

Brief about 5 Greatest Utkarsh Product Roots Multiplier

When it comes to nurturing plants, we often overlook the importance of nourishing the roots below the surface. But why is it important to nurture the roots? Maintaining a healthy root system is crucial for building a long-lasting healthy plant. Healthy root systems are the anchor and the lifeline of the plant that takes up the water and nutrients from the soil and transfer them up to the leaves and flowers for a healthy harvest.

Therefore, keeping roots healthy is a vital part of looking after your plants. However, utkarsh agro has come up with a roots multiplier solution to keep your roots healthy and grow faster. In the article below, you will discover more about the Roots multiplier and its importance for your crops and plants.

What is the Roots multiplier?

It is a PGR-based natural fertilizer that is used for quick hairy root formation, which is the perfect anti-stress solution for crops. It is used for quick growth and development of feeding roots. It consists of Indol Acetic Acid (IAA), Salicy Acid (SA), Indolbutyric Acid (IBA), Vinegar, Rooting enzymes, an Antifoam agent, and Stabilizer.

It can be used through various methods such as drip irrigation, drenching directly, or giving along with water during flood irrigation. The main function of the Roots multiplier is to make new feeding roots. Once these roots are formed, nutrition will be absorbed more efficiently, which will help the plant grow faster.

What is the recommended dosage for using a root multiplier?

  • – It is recommended that 2-3 litres per acre should be used for short-term crops.
  • – The dosage recommended for long-duration crops and horticulture should be 3-4 litres per acre.
  • – In order to maximize the efficiency of the fertilizer, use it for 2-3 months.
  • – In case of drenching take 3-5 ml per litre of water.


What factors influence root health?

  • – Taking good care of roots and a balanced diet results in healthy roots.
  • – By adding phosphorus and potassium to your plants, you can usually encourage new root growth as well as strengthen and encourage the development of existing roots.
  • – It is crucial to keep your plant’s roots healthy in order for it to grow normally.
  • – Overwatering, improper fertilizer use and too much competition between roots can cause unhealthy roots.
  • – Overwatering a plant causes the soil to fill with water, which reduces the likelihood of adequate oxygen absorption. The roots of a plant may dry out, shrink, and lose their ability to transfer nutrients from the soil to it when they are submerged underwater.

How to identify if your plant’s roots are unhealthy?

A common mistake often done by gardeners and farmers is overlooking the health of their plant roots. Unhealthy roots are the result of improper care and imbalanced nutrient intake. If you want to identify that your plant is unhealthy, the sign to identify the unhealthy roots is the roots that crumble to the touch and are brown in colour.

Plants with small roots cannot maintain the shape of the soil when you remove them from the pot, although this is not necessarily a sign of poor root health but rather an indication of maturity. The roots of the plants, however, can be kept healthy and be ensured quick and healthy growth by using a root multiplier.

How can we increase the growth rate of our plants by roots multiplier

  • – The Roots multiplier is made with different hormones and enzymes that promote the formation of hairy feeding roots in any plant at any stage in the process of new root formation.
  • – By using root feeding, we can increase the growth rate and the strength of the plants. Deep root feeding is the method of injecting essential nutrients directly into the roots of plants to increase their growth and strength. As a result, the roots are rapidly divided and repaired, allowing the trees and shrubs to absorb all the nutrients as soon as they are available, which as a result, helps in their growth rate.
  • – As a result of the roots multiplier, plants are able to absorb all kinds of fertilizers available in the soil as well as any fertilizers that are applied subsequent to the roots multiplier.
  • – Roots multiplier helps in making plant roots healthy which serves to secure a plant to the ground. A plant with an unhealthy root system is not stable and will likely be carried away by wind or washed away by soil erosion. The larger the root system of a plant, the more surface area it covers.

What are the benefits of using the Roots multiplier?

  • – Make the roots strong which provides a sturdy foundation for the plant.
  • – The majority of fertilizer applied to your lawn is absorbed by grass, which means that trees and shrubs absorb very little fertilizer. Root feeding minimizes the possibility that the grassroots system of your lawn will absorb all nutrients. Branches of large trees and shrubs have deep roots that are always looking for nutrients beneath the surface. If they are unable to obtain the nutrients they require to survive, their health will suffer.
  • – Helps in increasing the growth rate and the strength of the plants.
  • – A Roots multiplier’s primary function is to make feeding roots. The formation of new roots helps the body absorb nutrients more effectively.
  • – It helps in developing a healthy plant and ensures the normal and healthy growth of a plant.

Make your garden or crops grow healthier and more nutritious, with our roots multiplier which is abundant in key nutrients that are widely acknowledged to improve root health.

Prep your garden to encourage healthy root growth for seasons to come with our roots multiplier and multiply your roots strength and quality!

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