3 Best Utkarsh Product Farming Kits for your Crops

May 19, 2023

3 Best Utkarsh Product Farming Kits for your Crops

Product Farming Kits: What is the need?

As human beings, we are all made so differently. While some of us may need extra protein in our diets, some of us may need extra exercise in our lifestyles. The same is the case for crops. The things Banana requires might vary a lot from the nutrients and growth promoters that ginger requires.

That is why farming, as people think, isn’t so easy. It requires a lot of planning and understanding that different crops will have different needs, growth stages and harvesting techniques. At Utkarsh, we understand this unique requirement of each and every crop because of the extensive studies and research we have done over the years. We bring to you product farming kits for your crops that will not only get you a great yield but also save you money.


What are product farming kits?


Product farming kit is a package that contains all the required products for a single crop. It has everything from growth promoters, pest control products to mineral providing products in one farming kit.

The best part of the product farming kit is that it is comparatively cheaper to buy than buying the products separately.

Let’s take a look at why Utkarsh product farming kits are beneficial.


The benefits of buying Utkarsh Product Farming Kits


A GREAT YIELD: We have studied the field of agriculture over the years and carried out extensive research when it comes to the requirements of each different crop. This has led to the making of our product farming kits. These product farming kits are specifically made for each stage throughout the crop’s journey and thus you can be guaranteed that using them would mean having a better quality and quantity of the yield.

COST EFFECTIVE: If you buy the products individually, the price may shoot up drastically. Not only that, as our product farming kits are available in multiples of 1 acre, whether you are a small farming business just starting out or a business looking to expand, we have various plans for you. All you need to do is buy in multiples. At the moment, we are also running a whopping discount of up to 25% over and above the normal farming kit rate discount which means you can get an overall discount of up to 59% on our website across product category farming kits. There literally couldn’t be a better time to buy our product farming kits and save your money in the process.

CONVENIENCE: Instead of opting to buy individual products and waiting time and again to get them delivered, our product farming kits are made to ensure that the buying process is convenient for you. As a farmer, you are already too busy with taking care of your crops and planning for the next season, why take on the unnecessary load of buying individual products and getting them delivered at a slow pace?


Banana Farming Kit


India is one of the largest producers of bananas in the world with Andhra Pradesh being the major banana producing state.

Bananas are one of the favourite fruits across India because of its year long availability, affordability, taste and nutritional and medicinal value.

They grow well in the temperature range of 15 to 35 degrees celsius with relative humidity of 75-85%. The months of monsoon are most important for quick and vigorous vegetative growth of bananas.

There are many varieties of bananas like Dwarf Cavendish, Poovan, Monthan, etc.

The soil for banana cultivation needs to be well drained and fertile. The physical condition of soil matters a lot as root development depends largely on the degree of aeration of the soil.

We have four separate kits for Banana: Utkarsh 1 Acre Kit for Banana Plantation Stage, Growth Stage, Bunch Flowering Stage and Bunch Development Stage. All 4 Banana farming kits cover the whole schedule of Banana Production from Day zero to Day 300.

Utkarsh 1 Acre Kit for Banana Plantation Stage

Banana Farming Kit: Pla

Utkarsh 1 Acre Kit for Banana Growth Stage

Banana Farming Kit: Growth Stage Kit

The Utkarsh 1 Acre Kit For Banana Bunch Flowering Stage

Banana Farming Kit: Bunch Flowering Stage

The Utkarsh 1 Acre Kit For Banana Bunch Development

Banana Farming Kit: Bunch Development Stage

Okra Farming Kit


Okra, one of the most delicious vegetables, is grown majorly in Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Bihar and Orissa. It is a rich source of vitamins, calcium, protein and other minerals.

Okra requires tropical and subtropical climates which have a long warm and humid season. It cannot thrive well in cold temperatures. The ideal temperature for growing okra is 25 to 35 degrees celsius.

The popular varieties of okra are Punjab Padmini, Punjab 13, 7, 8, Pusa Mahakali, etc.

It is mostly cultivated during June-July or February-March.

The soil for okra cultivation should be sandy loam to clay loam with good drainage facility and rich organic matter. It is strictly advised not to cultivate okra in alkaline, saline soils.

We have two separate kits for Okra: Utkarsh 1 Acre Kit for Okra Basal Flowering and Utkarsh 1 Acre Kit for Okra Flowering and Fruit. The total number of products is 32 which will serve every need for each growing stage of okra.

Utkarsh 1 Acre Kit for Okra Basal Flowering

Okra Farming Kit: Flowering Stage

Utkarsh 1 Acre Kit for Okra Flowering and Fruit

Okra Farming Kit: Flowering to Fruit Kit

Ginger Farming Kit


Ginger has been quite in demand during the pandemic because of its medicinal and immunity boosting properties. India is one of the largest producers and exporters of this crop with the major producing states being Karnataka, Orissa, Gujarat, Assam and Meghalaya.

It grows well in warm and humid climates. It can be grown in both rainfed and irrigated conditions. During its sowing, a moderate rainfall is required for successful cultivation of the crop followed by well distributed showers during its growing period and dry weather for a month before harvesting.

The soil for ginger cultivation needs to be well drained soils like clay loam, red loam, sandy loam or lateritic loam.

There are many varieties when it comes to ginger like Suprabha, Suruchi, Athira, etc.

For the best yield and pest management, two product kits for ginger are Utkarsh 1 Acre Kit for Ginger Foundation and Growth and Utkarsh 1 Acre Kit for Ginger Development and Pest Management.

Utkarsh 1 Acre Kit for Ginger Foundation and Growth

Ginger Farming Kit: Foundation and Growth Stage

Utkarsh 1 Acre Kit for Ginger Development and Pest ManagementGinger Farming Kit: Development & Pest Management Stage

With these product farming kits, you can be ensured that your crop will get  all the essential nutrients, growth and protection against diseases and pest requirements.

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