Castor Farming-Golden Tips for 40% better Yield

May 19, 2023

Castor Farming-Golden Tips for 40% better Yield

The castor plant is famous for the castor oil which is obtained from pressing the castor beans. It has a different taste and odour. It is pressed vegetable oil but is also very good for hair growth. Castor is also used in manures, like in this product of ours, Utkarsh Castor Oil Cake.

It is used in the manufacture of soaps, lubricants, hydraulic and brake fluids, paints, dyes, coatings, inks, cold-resistant plastics, waxes and polishes, pharmaceuticals and perfumes.


Soil and Climate for Castor Farming

Castor can be grown on various types of soil. The only two requirements are that the soil should be deep and secondly, it should be well-drained. Heavy clayey soil and marshy soil is unsuitable for growing Castor. Deep, fairly fertile, and little acidic soils are suitable for this crop.

For proper cultivation of Castor crop, a hot and dry climate with moderate rainfall is required. It can be grown under both, rainfed, and irrigated areas. High humidity and high temperatures are not suitable for this crop, and they affect the crop yield.

Different stages of Castor Cultivation

Nursery stage:

Young seedlings are taken care of and raised in this stage, and they later become a part of the plant site.

Basal stage is the first stage that takes place in castor cultivation. Before plantation, for seed treatment, Utkarsh Microbes is used 5gm/ litre and VaMoz- L is used 2ml/ litre.


castor farming


Plantation stage:

It is the stage where, the seeds after being taken care of and nourished, are planted, and the plant is ready to shoot.

At the time of sowing the seeds, basal dose has to be given. In this, Utkarsh Compost 6-7 tons/ acre, DAP/SSP 50kg/ 150kg, MOP 25 kg, and Sulphur 10kg/acre.

Spraying should be done 30 days after sowing. And during this, Prime All should be used 2gm/ litre, Stress Free should be used 1ml/ litre, and Neemoz CP should be used 3ml/ litre.


Initial growth stage:

This is when the plant has just emerged from the soil, and is in its first stage of growth.

The first batch of fertilizers in this stage should be given 35 days after sowing, and they should be given by drip irrigation or by drenching. Roots multiplier 1 litre, Horse Power 10 litres, and Stress Free 1 litre should be given in this stage.

growth stage-castor farming

40 days after sowing, Urea 25 kgs/ litre, MOP 25kg/ litre and Combi Soil 25kg/ litre should be given by soil application.

45 days after sowing, fertilizers should be given by spraying. These fertilizers are Prime All 2gm/ litre and Stress Free 1ml/ litre.


Flowering stage:

The flowering stage is the blooming stage, where the plants begin to produce flowers.

Fertilizers should be applied 60 days after sowing, and by soil application. The fertilizers that should be applied at this time are Urea 50 kg, MOP 50 kg, and Marvelz G 5 kg.

Flowering stage castor farming

At the same, by spraying, F Plus 1ml/ litre and Horse Power 15 ml/ litre should be used.

Again 80 days after sowing, F Plus 1ml/ litre and Horse Power 15ml/ litre should be applied by spraying.


Fruiting stage:

The fruit setting stage is a transition stage from the flower to the developing fruit.

castor farming

100 days after sowing, when the fruiting stage starts, F enhancer 2gm/ litre and Bhim Plus 0.5ml/ litre should be applied by spraying.

130 days after sowing, again F enhancer and Bhim Plus should be used, but along with 13.0.45 7gm/ litre by spraying.



Diseases or Insects observed:

If you observe any diseases or insects on your castor plants, it is necessary to get rid of them quickly for the proper growth of the plants.

insects castor farming

FungFree 1 litre should be used if you see that your plant is affected by wilt disease. This should be applied by drenching or drip irrigation.

If you see seedling or Alternaria Blight/Cercospora leaf spot/powdery mildew on the plant, use FungFree 2ml/ litre by spraying.

If you observe Castor semi looper/slug caterpillar/ Hairy caterpillar/Spiny caterpillar/Wooly bear on the plants you should apply Bio Clean Sweep 2ml/ litre by spraying.

If you see capsule and shoot borer insects on your plants, you should apply Neemoz- CP 4ml/ litre by spraying.



Most of the castor crops are matured after 140- 175 days. Harvest of unripe capsules is really harmful because it affects the oil quantity badly. After collecting the crop, it should be dried in the sun for a few days and then by beating the castor capsules, threshing should be done. In rural areas, bullocks are used by farmers for threshing crops. Castor crop is sown in July or August and harvesting is done around January or February.



The yield of a certain crop depends on various factors like cultivar, soil type, irrigation, climate and cultivation practices.

The following yield can be obtained on an average:

Rainfed crop: 250-500 gm/ ha

Mixed crop: 100-200 gm/ ha

Irrigated crop: 550-800 gm/ha


Castor oil is widely used these days, as the demand for essential oils is increasing and castor oil is the perfect carrier oil for essential oils.

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