How to increase Papaya Production & Profitability in Farm?

May 19, 2023

How to increase Papaya Production & Profitability in Farm?

Papaya Production has a huge commercial importance in India because of its high nutritive and medicinal value. India leads the world in Papaya production with an annual output of about 3 million tonnes. Papaya is basically a tropical plant. However, it also grows well in sub-tropical regions. The foothills that enjoy a mild winter are ideal for papaya farming. As it grows in sub-tropical and tropical climates, it can be cultivated in a temperature range of 25-35˚C. A warm and dry climate is needed during the ripening season.


When it comes to the soil, the well-drained or sandy loam soil with adequate organic matter is most important for the papaya farming. The suitable pH value is between 6 and 6.5.


Papaya is planted during spring (February-March) and the plant needs heavy doses of manures and fertilizers. That’s where we come into the picture. With this article, we will tell you everything you need to increase your Papaya Production by 40% while maintaining its premium quality.


Papaya Production: Plantation Stage


A little bit of hard work at this stage will give you handsome results in the long run. Do not make the mistake of taking the plantation stage lightly. Use drenching method to apply Microbes & VAMoz – L on sowing day and Horse Power, Roots Multiplier, and Stress free at 18-25 days. It will help you lay down the base for a great Papaya production.

Papaya Production - Plantation StageThe Microbes solubilises insoluble fertilizers in the soil due to which growth of plants increases and salts in the soil decreases. Vamoz-L profuse root biomass development and branching improves uptake of Phosphorus and other macro & micronutrients. Utkarsh Horse Power helps in photosynthesis and optimizes plant metabolism, induces excellent flowering & fruit setting, and reduces flowering dropping in Papaya Farming. Roots Multiplier is used for quick growth and development of feeding roots. Stress Free is useful for promoting the growth of Papaya and improving crop quality, immunity, and resistant power.

Apply DAP, Ammonium Sulphate, and Carbofuran near the plants by hand at 20-25 days. Next, spray Prime All, Stress Free, and Neemoz- Silver at 25-35 days for best results.

Prime – All supplies required macro nutrients (N, P, K) together in optimum dose to crops. Neemoz – Silver is very effective Biopesticide formulated from Neem extract with the help of modern biotechnology. It controls wide range of pests and insects which are harmful to the crop.

For all the products to be applied via drip irrigation, choose the quantity “20 or 25 kg” on our website product page while placing the order. On the other hand, for the Spray products, you can choose 1 kg or above as per your requirements.

The method of application and required dose for Papaya Farming can be easily found on our Website –


Papaya Production: Virus Prevention Spray


Virus is the most common enemy of Papaya Farming that negatively affects your Papaya Production. When the first symptom of Virus is visible; spray Viroz, Combi-2, and Sil Fert.

Papaya Production - Virus Prevention Spray within first 7 days

VIROZ is a bio organic complex with herbal base to stimulate plant growth with vigour and strength. It also fights microorganisms like viruses. Combi-2 supplies required six essential micronutrients like Zinc, Iron, Manganese, Copper, Boron, and Molybdenum together in optimum dose to crop. Silfert provides resistance to bacterial and fungal disease and decreases some aboitic stress as temperature, salinity, heavy metal, and aluminium toxicity.

Spray Viroz, Double Combi, and Neemoz Silver after seven days of the first spray. Double Combi helps to prevent mix crop deficiencies in different forms occurred gradually at different growth stages of crops.

With this spray schedule, you will have successfully saved your Papaya Production from virus attack.



Papaya Production: Stem Formation and Flower Setting


Stem rotting is another common problem associated with Papaya Farming. Application of Redomill – Gold and Geru can help you save the stems of your Papaya trees. Here’s what we need to do for best stem formation and flower setting –

Apply Horse Power and Release at 40-45 days. Release is used for enhancing the ion exchange capacity of fertilizers. Release also indirectly improves the strength and vicinity of Papaya plants.

Apply Horse Power and Release once again at 50-55 days. Finally, manually apply DAP, MOP, and Marvelz-G at 60-65 days. Marvel -G is a natural, organic, and biological growth promoter in granule form for the overall growth & development of Papaya Trees.

Papaya Production - Stem Formation Stage

Apply 12:61:00 and Stress Free at 70-80 days. Spray Panther, Stress Free, and FungFree at 80-85 days. MAP (12:61:00) is useful for uniform bumper and healthy flowering. Panther is used for excellent flowering for all the Papaya plants. FungFree provides protection to the crop plants against soil borne and air borne pathogen.

The method of application and required dose for Papaya Farming can be easily found on our Website –


Papaya Production: Flower Setting and Fruit formation

Papaya Production - Fruit Formation Stage


Drip Application of Roots Multiplier at 100 days, Microbes & VAMoz-L at 105 days, 0.52.34 & Combi – 2 110-115 days, and Calcium Nitrate & Release at 120-125 days.

MKP (00: 52: 34) is the best suited for excellent flowering and fruit setting / fruit development. Calcium Nitrate improves cell wall leading to better quality of marketable Papaya Production.

We have already discussed the importance and application of the other Utkarsh products in Papaya Farming mentioned here.





Papaya Production: Fruit size and quality development


Here’s the most important stage of the Papaya Farming, commercially speaking.

Papaya Production - Fruit Quality Development Stage 125 to 165 days


The quality and quantity of Papaya Production gets decided here at this stage.

Spray Panther, F – Enhancer, and Carbendism + Mencozeb at 125 days. Now begins an extensive drip schedule –

Apply Horse Power and Stress Free at 130-135 days.

Apply MOP, Ammonium Sulphate, and Magnesium Sulphate at 140-145 days. Magnesium Sulphate enhances plant’s ability to produce flowers and set fruits.

Apply MKP (00: 52: 34) and Combi – 2 at 150-155 days.



Papaya Production - Fruit Quality Development Stage 170 to 205 days


Apply Calcium Nitrate and Release at 160-165 days.

Apply MOP, Ammonium Sulphate, and Magnesium Sulphate at 170-175 days.

Apply 13:0:45, F – Enhancer, and Double Combi at 175 days. NOP (13:00:45) is useful for excellent fruit setting & fruit development.

Apply 13:0:45, Calcium Nitrate, and BeShape at 180-185 days. BeShape helps to induce more flowers, prevent flower droppings, and avoid fruit cracking.




Papaya Production - Fruit Quality Development Stage 210 to 265 days


Apply 0.52.34 and Combi – 2 at 210-215 days.

Apply Calcium Nitrate and Release at 230-235 days.

Apply 0:0:50, Ammonium Sulphate, and Magnesium Sulphate at 250-255 days. SOP (00:00:50) helps to improve shelf life of Papayas and is useful for fruit quality, bumper fruit weight, fruit colour, shinning etc.

Apply Horse Power and Stress Free at 190-195 days.

Apply MOP, Urea, and Magnesium Sulphate at 200-205 days.


Papaya Production - Fruit Quality Development Stage 275 to 325 days


SPRAY 13:0:45, F – Enhancer, and Double Combi at 255 days.

Apply 13:0:45, Calcium Nitrate, and BeShape at 260-265 days. Apply Microbes at 275 days.

Apply 0.0.50, Combi – 2, and Magnesium Sulphate at 280-285 days. Apply MOP and Urea at 300-305 days.

Apply 13:0:45, F – Enhancer, Calcium Nitrate, and Bhim Plus at 310-315 days. Bhim Plus increases the size and quality of fruits and flowers. It indirectly improves the overall Papaya Production.

Apply Potassium Schoenite and Beshape at 320-325 days. Finally, apply MOP and Urea at 340- 345 days.

Following the above Fertigation and Spray schedule under the consultation of Mr Sameer Allawadi has helped to 1000s of Papaya farmers to generate 40% better yield in past 21 years and can definitely help you increase the Papaya Production.

May you have the best yield ever! Feel free to contact Utkarsh for any doubts and advice.

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