Pomegranate production – Golden Tips for 40% better Yield

May 19, 2023

Pomegranate production – Golden Tips for 40% better Yield

Pomegranate Production is a widely practiced farming activity in India because of its huge demand. The phrase “Ek Anaar, Aur Bimaar” is popular to mark the incredible goodness and medicinal properties of this wonder fruit. Since, the demand is high and the fruit is valuable, the Pomegranate Production in India holds decent economic significance. Thus, it becomes crucial to learn “How to increase pomegranate production?”


Pomegranate (Punica granatum) is grown in tropical and subtropical regions of the world. In India, Planting is usually done in spring (February-March) and July-August in sub-tropical and tropical regions respectively. Pomegranate thrives well under hot, dry summer and cold winter provided irrigation facilities are available.

Let us first understand the basic requirements and then, move on to the specific products for optimum Pomegranate Production. Climate – Pomegranate has wider adaptability as it grow well in tropical, subtropical, arid and temperate regions due to its hardy nature. Soil – Pomegranate can be grown on a wide range of soils from sandy soil to sandy loam soil.

Pomegranate Propagation

Pomegranate can be propagated both by hardwood and semi-hardwood cuttings under mist system; though the better success was obtained with semi-hardwood cutting. Semi-hard wood cuttings of 6-12 month old, 20-25 cm length and pencil thickness perform best.  Before planting it is advantageous to sanitize the cuttings by giving 5 minute dip in Utkarsh FungFree + Utkarsh Bio Clean Sweep to reduce surface pests and disease infestation.

Planting should be done during spring season (February-March) or rainy season (July-August) depending on availability of irrigation water. Now, let us go through the Fertigation and soil application schedule for best Pomegranate Production.

During leaf shedding period and resting period

The application of DAP, SOP, Bentonite Sulphur, MgSO4, Combi soil micronutrient, Neem cake, Microbes, and Marvelz-G is highly recommended. These fertilisers by Utkarsh can significantly help you in Pomegranate Farming.

SOP is useful for fruit quality, bumper fruit weight, fruit colour, and shinning in Pomegranate Production. Magnesium Sulphate is Good source for Magnesium and Sulphur. Magnesium Sulphate play important role in photosynthesis.

Pomegranate Production-During Leaf Shedding & Resting Period

Combi-Soil Supply required Five essential micro nutrients together in optimum dose to crops. Utkarsh Neem Cake ensures constant growth of your Pomegranate plants during the growing season. MICROBES is an excellent product for controlling soil borne fungal diseases like root rot, collar rot, etc. Marvel -G is a natural, organic and biological growth promoter in granule form for the overall growth and development of Pomegranate trees.

This is to be followed by 0:52:34 and Stress free during the resting period. The VAMoz – L, black pearl, and 0:52:34 is also recommended 6 days after starting water.

Spray Schedule – Apply 0:52:34 and Combi –2 during resting period and 0:52:34 again during the Defoliation.

MKP (00:52:34) is the best suited for excellent flowering and fruit setting / fruit development. Stress Free is also useful for Promoting the growth of Pomegranate crops, Improving crop quality, immunity, and resistant power. Vamoz-L profuse root biomass development and branching improves uptake of Phosphorus and other macro and micronutrients. Black Pearl-L Improves physical, chemical, and biological properties of soil.

For all the products to be applied via drip irrigation, choose the quantity “20 or 25 kg” on our website product page while placing the order. On the other hand, for the Spray products, you can choose 1kg or above as per your requirements.

The method of application and required dose for Pomegranate Farming can be easily found on our Website –

Bud initiation

Pomegranate Production-During Bud Initiation Period

For the best Pomegranate Production – the application of Combi – 2, Fe EDDHA 6%, Zinc EDTA, and Magnesium sulphate after 11 days of watering and application of Roots Multiplier after 13 days. Alternate day application of 12:61:00 and Horse Power after 17 days till flowering is in process.

Combi-2 helps to prevent mix crop deficiencies in different forms occurred gradually at different growth stages of crops. FeeDrip supply required micronutrient Iron (Fe) in optimum dose to crops in high alkaline soils. ZinGap activates enzymes that are responsible for the synthesis of certain proteins.

Roots Multiplier is used for quick growth and development of feeding roots in Pomegranate Farming.

MAP (12:61:00) is useful for uniform bumper and healthy flowering. Utkarsh Horse Power helps in photosynthesis and optimizes plant metabolism. It induces excellent flowering and fruit setting and reduces flowering dropping for best yield of Pomegranates.


Pomegranate Production- Spray Schedule during Leaf Shedding, Resting & bud initiation Period - 0 to 23 days

Spray Schedule – Apply Neemoz Gold (after 7 days) to, an effective bio insecticide, stop the growth of pests and stop the egg formation process. It also slows down food consuming process of the pests.

At the same time, due to strong smell and taste of Neemoz Gold, pests move away from the crop. After 14 days – apply Shield protects your plants against sucking pests like Thrips, Mites, White fly, etc. and apply Panther to induces excellent flowering and fruit setting and reduce flower dropping in Pomegranate.

Apply Thripoz and Panther after 23 days. Thripoz protects the plant from deformation, defoliation, stunting, & dwarfing. Apply F-enhancer fertilizer after 32 days.



Flower setting

The application of Double Combi, Magnesium sulphate, Fe EDTA, and Zn EDTA is recommended after 30 days of watering for best Pomegranate Flower setting.

The application of Combi – 2, MgSO4, Fe EDTA, Zn EDTA, Calcium Nitrate, Boron, and Stress free after 42 days of watering.

Pomegranate Production-During Flower Setting & Pollination Period

Double Combi helps to prevent mix crop deficiencies in different forms occurred gradually at different growth stages of crops. FeGro stimulates and regulates enzyme reactions for growth and development of crops as iron activates several enzymes. Calcium Nitrate helps plants in tolerance to diseases and infections due to cell strength. We have already discussed Magnesium Sulphate, Zn EDTA, Combi – 2, and Stress Free.

Spray FungFree and Bio Clean after 40 days. FungFree provides protection to the crop plants against soil borne and air borne pathogen. Spray F – Enhancer once again after 50 days of starting water.

These products will ensure an excellent flower setting and thus result into an increased Pomegranate Production.

For all the products to be applied via drip irrigation, choose the quantity “20 or 25 kg” on our website product page while placing the order. On the other hand, for the Spray products, you can choose 1kg or above as per your requirements.

The method of application and required dose for Pomegranate Farming can be easily found on our Website –

Pollination and Groundnut shape

After 54 days of watering, we recommend application of 12:61:00 and 13:0:45 – continue these till the Pomegranate fruits are of lemon size.

Pomegranate Production-Spray Schedule while fruit size is increasing - 32 to 80 days


We have already spoken about 12:61:00 and the NOP (13:00:45) is useful for excellent fruit setting & fruit development. It is crucial for the best Pomegranate Production.

After 62 days, application of Calcium nitrate, F-Enhancer, and Manganese EDTA is done 2 times in 3 days interval if the fruits are still of Groundnut shape. Application of Double combi, MgSO4, and Fe EDDHA is done after 66 days to assist further pollination. After 72 days, application of Roots Multiplier is done if the fruits are still of Groundnut shape.

F-Enhancer maintains uniform growth and shape of new developing fruits for best quality and production. ManDate is involved in pollen germination, pollen tube growth, root cell elongation, and resistance to root pathogens.

Spray Mitoz after 60 days. Spray Shield and Stress Free after 70 days. Spray Combi – 2 after 80 days. Mitoz stimulates salt loss of target insect pest resulting in decrease in sucking habits of pest. Mitoz work on multi target sites, therefore there’s no chance of insect resistance.



Pomegranate Production- Groundnut shape and Lemon shape fruit sizeLemon shape

During the Lemon shape, Calcium Nitrate and Release is applied around 83 days after starting water. Next, apply 00:52:34 (90 days after water) until the colour of fruit changes.

Release indirectly improves the strength and vicinity of plant and are very useful when used along with phosphorous and Calcium based fertilizers as they are very much immobile.

Spray Double Combi after 100 days and Stress Free after 110 days for best results.





Pomegranate Production - During Fruit Size FormationFruit size formation

This is a very important stage of the Pomegranate Farming that decides the quality and size of your fruits. For the best Pomegranate Production, follow this schedule –

Calcium Nitrate and Roots multiplier after 108 days of starting water, 13:00:45 after 118 days, SOP 00:00:50 after 125 days until fruit maturity, Calcium nitrate and F- Enhancer after 135 days, and MgSO4, Combi – 2, Manganese EDTA, Zinc EDTA, and Fe EDTA after 145 days. We have already talked about all the products mentioned in the schedule in this article above.

Spray FungFree once again after 130 days and Neemoz Gold once again after 140 days of starting water. After 150 days, spray Fungnil and F-Enhancer.


Fruit Maturity

This is the final stage of Pomegranate Farming and decides the ultimate results of Pomegranate Production for you. Apply Calcium nitrate, F –Enhancer, and Roots Multiplier after 155 days of starting water. Apply 00:00:50 after 165 days. Apply F-enhancer, Beshape, and 00:00:50 after 180 days. BeShape helps in fruit development and to avoid fruit cracking.

Pomegranate Production-During Fruit Maturity

Pomegranate Production-Spray Schedule during Fruit Size formation and maturity - 100 to 160 days

Spray a combination of Zinc EDTA and Combi – 2 after 160 days.

With this, we complete our Fertigation and Spray schedule for Pomegranate Farming. Following this schedule strictly will always lead increase in your Pomegranate Production.


Webinar on Profitable Pomegranate Production

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Webinar Recording:

Profitable Pomegranate Production - Webinar Recording for upto 40% better yield in Pomegranate

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