Utkarsh Huminoz 98 – The Science of Humic Acid, Soil Chemistry and Plant Growth

May 09, 2023

Utkarsh Huminoz 98 – The Science of Humic Acid, Soil Chemistry and Plant Growth

The ability of Humic acids to hold onto ionised nutrients and stop them from leaking away makes them a crucial carrier for nutrients to be transported from the soil to the plant.

Humic acids have long been known to be quite helpful to farmers. The list of advantages is extensive.

  1. 1. Enhanced Nutritional Intake

Humic (and fulvic) acids are known for their ability to promote plant nutrient absorption, which is their most notable and well-known benefit. It is for this reason that they make such a great soil amendment and that fertilizers work so well with them. Without Humic acids, part of the nutrients supplied by fertilizers is inaccessible to plants, resulting in financial loss and decreased plant health. Humic acids are therefore essential for both the health of plants and the financial security of growers.

Humic acids improve nitrogen absorption through foliar and soil applications, respectively.

In Soil Application:

Humic acids increase the availability of nutrients in the soil that might not otherwise be there. just how? The organic makeup of the acids serves as the foundation. The natural oxidation of Humic acids results in a net negative charge for them. Positive ions, also referred to as “cations,” are drawn to and bound to these large molecules as a result. Humic acids have a special quality known as “cation exchange capability,” which is extremely advantageous.

Furthermore, a large number of the nutrients that plants require, including magnesium, calcium, iron, and other trace minerals, have a positive charge. Therefore, when Humic acids are present, these nutrients emerge from the soil and unite with Humic acids. After that, they can be moved close to the plant’s roots.

In comparison to Humic acid, the root systems have a greater negative charge. In order to be absorbed by the plant, the positive ions bound to the Humic acid release. Many nutrients would stay locked in the soil and unavailable to plants they are meant to fertilize without this essential system.

In Foliar Applications:

Humic acids have uses other than in the soil. Along with fulvic acids, which are organic compounds with shorter chains, they are useful in foliar treatments. For plants to have more permeable cell walls, Humic acids are essential. Nutrients can enter the plant more easily when cell membranes are permeable (often carried by fulvic acids, which are particularly good chelators.)

  1. 2. Decreased Toxins

Not only do Humic acids increase nutritional availability. Additionally, they chelate dangerous poisons in the soil to keep them from reaching the plant. This benefit is especially significant in today’s soil conditions, which have been exposed to a variety of contaminants over a long period of time, including pesticides and heavy metals. Without effective cleanup, these contaminants continue to harm crop health and yield.

They also deteriorate the quality of the soil. Humic molecules bind and lock up these dangerous chemicals. They are not absorbed by the plants like nutrients are, and eventually, they are flushed out. In today’s more difficult growth settings, this crucial process maintains plants healthier.

Humic Acid

  1. 3. Increased Water Retention

Humic acids have a particularly special capacity to improve soil water retention. This is becoming increasingly crucial in light of the world’s changing climate as ecosystems are put under pressure. Additionally, it’s essential for sandy, dry, and low-clay soils.

Humic Acid

To answer how that work, the Humic acids’ negative charge draws positive ions, or cations, which adhere to the Humic molecule. When there are water molecules present, these cations shift slightly away from the Humic molecule and loosely bind to the oxygen end of the water molecules. These water molecules’ hydrogen ends subsequently bond with those of other water molecules. Up to 30% less water evaporates due to this effect.

  1. 4. Improved Microbial Growth

The effect of Humic acids on the microbial populations in the soil is one of their most obvious and significant advantages. A healthy microbiome is becoming increasingly vital to soil habitats in the eyes of scientists. Furthermore, it is crucial to rebuilding the various bacterial populations that have been destroyed by poor soil conditions and pesticide use. There are two main ways that Humic acids promote the expansion of microbial communities.

In the beginning, they offer a supply of carbon, which gives microorganisms nourishment. Additionally, because of their size, they offer a place for microorganisms to colonize. Humic acids basically give food and shelter to helpful microorganisms, which explains why microbial communities thrive in their presence.

Humic Acid

  1. 5. Better Overall Soil Structure

Humic acid carries both positive and negative charges even though it has a net negative charge. Additionally, its molecular size is enormous. These characteristics allow Humic acids to bind to all soil particles, providing the space needed for microorganisms and strong root growth. In high-clay and compacted soils, when soil particles are closely packed together, this is particularly obvious. Clay particles can even stand on edge due to Humic molecules, which creates more room for water to enter. Additionally, they clean clay of salts, which gives the clay particles a negative charge again and forces them apart.

Humic Acid

These five main advantages have a variety of good consequences on plants, including improved health, increased stress tolerance, increased size and volume, and increased fruit output. In other words, farmers cannot afford to maintain a fertility plan without Humic acids.

This is why we bring to you Utkarsh Huminoz 98 – a biologically activated Humic Acid for Plants.

A unique blend of bio activators and partially decomposed organic components, Utkarsh Huminoz 98 is entirely organic and natural. Composed of 68–69% Humic acid, followed by fulvic acid (17–18%) and K2O (10–11%) Utkarsh Huminoz 98 effectively and essentially,

  • Increases the aeration and water-holding capacity of the soil,
  • Enhances the efficiency of metallic fungicides,
  • and Improves the physical, chemical, and biological aspects of the soil.

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