10 Questions about Utkarsh

May 10, 2023

10 Questions about Utkarsh
1) What is Utkarsh Agrochem?
Utkarsh Agrochem Pvt Ltd. Is the top manufacturer and seller of non-toxic biological, plant extract, chelated, and PGR-based solutions for maintaining the health of crops and trees and combating various pests and insects organically. We also import numerous fertilizers and plant growth regulators (PGRs) and create a variety of products to achieve various outcomes, such as the production of dense roots, sturdy stems, healthy leaf growth, superb flowering, etc.

2) Who is the founder of Utkarsh Agrochem?
Mr. Sameer Allawadi, a chemical engineer and management graduate, started Utkarsh in 1999 with the absolute and apparent purpose of making farming lucrative and bringing prosperity to farmers by preserving the health of the land and ecosystem.

3) What are the categories of products that they are dealing in?

– Products made from biological entities, such as bio-fertilizers, bio-pesticides, bio-fungicides, composting cultures, granules, etc.

–  EDTA and amino acid-chelated products

–  Products made using Plant Growth Regulator

–  Hydroponics products like cocopeat, vermiculite, perlite, etc.

–  Organic and natural insecticides based on plant extracts for thrips, mites, white flies, aphids, and jassid control

– Fertilizers for aquarium plants like macro, micro, Fe, etc.

–  Other Ranges such as pH Balancer, Pheromone lures, Silica-based adjuvant spreader, etc.

4) What is the quality of the products sold by Utkarsh Agrochem?
We only sell the highest quality products that are beneficial for the healthy and vibrant growth of your plants and crops. All our products are free from poisonous substances.

5) Why are various fertilizers, manures, tonics, etc. required for the proper growth of plants and trees?
Soil is a mixture of organic matter, minerals, gases, liquids, and microorganisms. The fertility of the soil is maintained when all of them are balanced properly. To maintain the balance, regular applications of organic matter, minerals and microorganisms are required. Hence various fertilizers, manures, and tonics are required to keep the soil and plants healthy which is required for proper growth and development.

6) Are the products sold by Utkarsh Agrochem priced economically?
Yes, the products sold by Utkarsh Agrochem are priced fairly. One of the major reasons for economical pricing by Utkarsh is that it is a manufacturer and importer and sells directly to the end users with no mediators in between hence they can easily be bought by the farmers without creating a dent in their pocket for replenishing their crops.

7) Why is it necessary to educate farmers about the use of agrochemicals?
There is a big range of agrochemicals available in the market under various categories with many different applications. The knowledge about what, when, which, why and how various agrochemicals is very important to decide the specific requirements so that soil and plant health is maintained and farmers earn profit from their crops and farming. Although it initially seems straightforward, the chemical processes at play reveal that plant growth and nutrient absorption are more intricate than they first appear. Therefore, it is crucial to educate farmers about agrochemicals.

8) What is the difference between biological and chemical fertilizers?
Any inorganic substance that is given to soil to support plant growth and is completely or partially synthetic in nature is referred to as a chemical fertilizer. Bio-fertilizers are materials that are made from organic byproducts or are microorganisms or remains of living things and include vital nutrients for plant growth.

9) Is it important to follow the dosage and the directions given to apply the agrochemicals? If yes, then why?
Fertilizers and agrochemicals are made with different concentrations and are required in different quantities based on the requirements, circumstances, and purpose. Also, they are absorbed differently through soil, roots, stem, leaves, flowers, and fruits by the plants. To prevent unwanted haphazard, the farmer should carefully read the directions before applying them.

10) What happens if the instructions are not followed during the application of agrochemicals?
Inappropriate use can lead to material waste, pest-control failure, and target-site harm. Misused fertilizers can affect people, other living things, property, and other areas of the environment both immediately and over time.

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