3 Best Products for Black Thrips in Chili Farm

May 19, 2023

3 Best Products for Black Thrips in Chili Farm

Know the problems and solutions of western Flower (Black) Thrips.


Stages of growth:

  1. Immature stage– eggs of this insect are white, translucent, and kidney-shaped. Its larvae look like adults but do not have wings. The color of the larvae is pale yellow and the instars have red eyes.
  2. Pupal stage– at this stage, the insect is pale yellow in color and is found inside the flowers or in the soil.
  3. Adult stage– the size of thrips is usually quite small (2 mm in length). Adult thrips are cigar-shaped with fringed wings. The color of adult females is dark yellow to dark brown in color, and that of males is light yellow.


  • Life cycle– the stages involved in the life cycle of a thrip is the egg stage, followed by two larval stages, two pupal stages after that, and then the adult stage at last. Generally, the males are smaller than the females.
  • Female thrips reproduce without mating as well, and that is called parthenogenesis. The adult female thrips insert their eggs in the plant tissues.
  • During the larval stages, the insects actively feed on plant material. Many generations of the thrips occur in one year since one life cycle gets completed in about two weeks if the conditions are favorable. The population of thrips is higher during spring and early summer.

Damage to Crop

Black thrips are some of the most seriously damaging pests of greenhouse plants and other horticultural, fruits, and vegetable crops.

In November and December 2021, these insects created huge damage to the chili crops in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

They don’t only cause feeding damage but also transmit plant viruses like tomato spotted wilt virus, and impatiens necrotic spot virus. This causes a heavy economic loss.

The mouth area of the insect is unique to its family and is asymmetrical, unlike its counterparts. The left mandible of the insect forms a narrow stylet, with the help of which, the insect draws out plant sap. On the other hand, the right mandible is either reduced or is absent.

Some species of the insect inject digestive enzymes in the wound of the plant, which leads to silver or bronze-colored speckles appearing on the surface of the plant parts.

Small black specks of excrement can also occur on the affected parts. A kind of excretion also leads to the development of black sooty mold.

Control Measures

-> Cultural methods:

  • Submerge the affected crops irregularly for 1- 2 days
  • A wet cloth should be dragged on the seedlings
  • If the field is submerged for two days, it is a very effective cultural control practice against the thrips.
  • Identified cultivars are there with known resistance to the thrips
  • Blue sticky traps should be used.

->  Biological methods:

  • Predatory insects like coccinellid beetles, anthocorid bugs, and staphylinid beetles, are some of the biological control agents that feed on both the adult and the nymph.
  • Verticillium lecanii Utkarsh Verticoz, Beauveria bassania Utkarsh Beveroz and P Fumosoroseus are some of the products that are more effective against the earlier stages of the insect as compared to the later stages.
  • Utkarsh Bio Clean Sweep is also effective since it is made up of Metarhizium Anisopliae, Beauveria bassania, Verticillium lecanii and other types of fungi.
  • Solution for thrips

-> Chemical control:

  • Thrips suppression can be done by applying foliar insecticides. Although sometimes, it is difficult to attain effective suppression.
  • There are different kinds of foliar and drench treatments, alone or combined with oil, which has achieved some success, although is inadvisable to apply insecticides if predators like pyrethroids are present. This is so because the eggs which are present in the foliar tissue and the pupae present in the soil are relatively insensitive to insecticide application.
  • However, insecticides like Diafenthiuron, Fipronil, and Spinosad can be used.


Everything mentioned above gives basic knowledge about the winter thrips that should be known by a cultivator to avoid his crops from getting damaged.

Webinar Recording on Western Flower (Black) Thrips | Problems | Solutions | Utkarsh Agrochem | Chili Farm Andhra Pradesh & Telangana | in English

Webinar Recording on Western Flower (Black) Thrips | Problems | Solutions | Utkarsh Agrochem | Chili Farm Andhra Pradesh & Telangana | in Hindi


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