4 Beneficial about Organic Farming in India

May 19, 2023

4 Beneficial about Organic Farming in India

Understanding what organic farming is: 

A production approach known as “organic farming” forgoes or mainly forgoes the use of synthetically formulated fertilizers, herbicides, growth regulators, genetically modified organisms, and additives to livestock feed.  

It is crucial to practice organic farming, a comprehensive method of production management that maintains and increases the health of agroecosystems, including biodiversity, biological cycles, and soil biological activity. Numerous studies have demonstrated that organic agricultural techniques can result in even better yields than traditional ones. It is also possible to notice a significant difference in the soil health indicators, such as the potential for nitrogen mineralization and the variety and quantity of microbial life, which were greater in the organic farms. The prevalence of insects and diseases was significantly reduced in organic farms due to improved soil health. The promotion of small-scale integrated agricultural systems has the potential to boost the economics of rural communities. 

Organic farming concept with woman holding goods

Organic farming statistics in India: (by downtoearth) 

In India, organic farming is still in its infancy. The Union Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare estimates that as of March 2020, 2.78 million hectares of cropland were being farmed organically. This amounts to 2% of the nation’s total net sown area of 140.1 million hectares. 

Now that you have understood what organic farming is, let us understand why people do it? What are the benefits/advantages of forgoing organic farming over any other form of farming? 

By lowering the pollutants, it (organic farming) contributes to environmental health. 

  • By minimizing the amount of residues in the product, it lowers the risks to human and animal health. 
  • Both the soil’s health and the cost of agricultural output are improved. 
  • It makes sure that natural resources are used as effectively as possible for immediate gain and aids in their preservation for future generations. 
  • It enhances the physical characteristics of the soil, such as granulation, good tilth, good aeration, and easy root penetration, as well as its ability to store more water and prevent erosion. 
  • It enhances the soil’s chemical characteristics, including nutrient delivery and retention, nutrient loss into the environment and water bodies, and the promotion of favorable chemical interactions. 
  • In India, organic farming is particularly cost-effective since it doesn’t utilise pricey pesticides, fertilizers, or HYV seeds to grow the crops. It incurs no costs. 
  • A farmer can have a strong return on investment by using inexpensive and nearby inputs. One of the most significant advantages of it in India is this. 

Next are the types of Organic Farming: 

(a) Pure organic farming- Pure organic farming forgoes any synthetic chemicals. Pure farming uses only pesticides and fertilizers that come from natural sources. A pure kind of organic farming is what it is known as. The greatest farming for maximum production is pure organic farming. 

(b) Integrated organic farming- Integrated organic farming combines integrated pest control with integrated nutrition management. 

Techniques for Organic Agriculture 

  1. Management of Soils in Organic Farming

Management of Soils in Organic Farming

The main method of organic farming in India is soil management. The nutrients in the soil are lost during cultivation, and the fertilizer content decreases. Soil management is the process through which soil is replenished with all required nutrients. The fertility of the soil is increased naturally via organic farming. It makes use of microorganisms found in animal faeces. The microorganisms contribute to the soil’s increased productivity and fertility.  

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Marvelz G

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Management of Weeds in Organic Farming

Management of Weeds in Organic Farming

The primary goal of organic farming is to eradicate weeds. Unwanted plants that grow alongside the crop are known as weeds.  

There are two methods for getting rid of the weed. 

  • Cutting/Moving the weed: Cut the cannabis throughout this procedure if you’re moving it. 
  • Mulching: Farmers use a plastic film or plant debris as mulch to prevent weed development by covering the soil’s surface with it. 

Crop Diversity

This method allows diverse crops to be grown alongside one another to fulfil the rising demand for crops. One of the most well-known organic farming methods in India is crop diversification. 

Biological Pest Control 

Biological Pest Control 

Use live things to manage pests in this manner, whether or not pesticides are used. Indian farmers practice these organic agricultural methods in their fields. 

These are a few advantages, of organic farming, demonstrating its financial viability for everybody. In order to promote it in India, we need to raise awareness of its benefits. But no method in the world is perfect. There is no ‘perfect’ alternative. We just have to choose the ‘better’ alternative and the least harmful one.  

Farms that are used for agriculture are home to both beneficial and detrimental creatures. Controlling the proliferation of organisms is necessary to protect soil and agricultural crops.  To keep other species under control, the space needs proper upkeep. 

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Here are the drawbacks of Organic Farming: 

  • There are fewer options for organic farming in India, and there aren’t many off-season crops. 
  • Early on, there are few organic agriculture goods available. It’s challenging for farmers to adapt to large manufacturing. 
  • The primary drawbacks of organic farming are inadequate infrastructure and a lack of product promotion. 

Here’s a brief on all about Organic Farming. We have tried to cover the details of it in India including its various forms, techniques, benefits, and drawbacks. We hope you enjoy reading this blog and learn everything there is to know about the methods. 

If you want to learn more about how organic farming is carried out, the many forms of organic farming, and organic farming in India. You must continue to contact us for further details. 

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