7 Best Stages for Cultivation of Root Vegetables to Get Better Yield

May 19, 2023

7 Best Stages for Cultivation of Root Vegetables to Get Better Yield

Root vegetables have great benefits and are usually available in the winter. Plant roots that are edible and are counted as vegetables are called root vegetables. Some of these root vegetables are potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, beets, turnips, radishes and many more.

Soil and Climate for Root Vegetables:

Root vegetables grow the best in loose and well-drained soil. The ideal temperature required by root vegetables to grow is around 20- 25 degrees Celsius.

The stages involved in the proper cultivation of root vegetables are as follows:

1 ) Before sowing:

Before sowing of the seeds, FYM 10- 20 t/ acre, Ammonium sulphate 10- 20 kg/ acre, super phosphate 20kg/ acre, and MOP 20kg/ acre should be used, through soil application. It is called the basal dose.

2 ) Seed treatment:

seed treatment root vegetables

This is done at the time of sowing. Utkarsh Microbes or Trichoz should be given, 3g/ kg of seeds. Microbes control soil borne fungal diseases, and Trichoz provides protection against soil borne pathogens in general.

3 ) After germination:

after germination root vegetables

After the seeds have shot up from the soil as a plant, that is, when they have germinated, microbes should be used 1kg/ litre, and Utkarsh Vamoz L should be used 1kg/ litre, by the method of drenching. This is done at the five leaves stage. Vamoz L improves the uptake of phosphorus and other nutrients. It also helps in root mass development and branching.

4 ) Vegetative stage:

vegetative root vegetables

In this stage, Utkarsh Horse Power should be used 7kg/ litre, roots multiplier should be used 1kg/ litre, and stress free 1kg/ litre. Horse power helps in photosynthesis and increases the metabolism. It reduces the frequency of flower and fruit dropping. Roots multiplier helps in the quick growth and development of roots. It enables the plants to take more fertilizers. Stress free promotes the growth of the crop by improving its quality, resistance and immunity. This has to be done 7 days after germination.

5 ) Early root development stage:

root vegetables

In this stage, Urea should be given 10kg/ acre, Utkarsh Prime All should be given 2gm/ litre, stress free 2ml/ litre, and combi- 2 2gm/ litre. Prime all promotes healthy vegetative growth in young plants. Combi- 2 prevents mix crop deficiencies and promotes fast absorption of micro elements. This should be done 20 days after germination. Urea should be applied by soil application, and the Utkarsh products should be applied by spraying.

6 ) Root maturity stage:


root vegetables farming


In root maturity stage, urea should be given 10kgs/ litre, MOP 10kgs/ acre, Bhim Plus 0.5ml/ litre, 13.0.45 7gm/ litre, double combi 5kg/ litre. Bhim plus is used because it increases the size and quality of fruits and flowers. Double combi helps in preventing mixed crop deficiencies. These things should be given 35 days after germination, and urea should be given by soil application. Rest of the things should be given by spraying.

7 ) Diseases/ insects observed:

root vegetables farming


If you observe black root rot, white mould, cavity spot, root die back, crown rot, or scab, Utkarsh Fung free should be used 1 litre by the method of drenching or drip irrigation. Fungfree is a biopesticide that works as a bio fungicide.  It is effective against all soil-borne and air borne pathogens.

If you notice root-knot nematodes or beet cyst nematodes, Utkarsh NematoNIL or Nemofungo should be used, 1 litre, by the method of drenching or drip irrigation.

If you see Cercospora leaf spot, anthracnose, Alternaria leaf blight, or radish white rust, you should use Utkarsh Fung free 1ml/ litre by the method of spraying.

If you see aphids, cut worms, army worms, beet web worm, you should use Utkarsh bio clean sweep 2ml/ litre. The particles of bio clean sweep germinate and grow directly through the cuticle to the inner body of the insect. It produces toxins in the insect’s body, draining it of nutrients and eventually killing it. It should be applied by the method of spraying.

If leaf minor is seen on the plant, Utkarsh Neemoz CP should be used to get rid of it. The dosage is 4ml/ litre by the method of spraying.



Root vegetables should be harvested when they are not very large. Smaller roots taste better. If they are left inside the soil for a long time, they become bitter in taste and woody.

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