6 Easy Stages of Successful Wheat Farming

May 19, 2023

6 Easy Stages of Successful Wheat Farming

Being one of the two largest producers of wheat in the world, India’s staple food includes wheat. The reason India and China are the top producers of wheat is that it requires very little water for cultivation as compared to other crops. It is also one of the main ingredients in the production of various processed foods. It is not only the major source of starch and energy, but it also provides significant amounts of other nutrients like protein, vitamins, dietary fibre, and phytochemicals, which are necessary for good health. Consuming wheat reduces the risks of cardio-vascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, and various forms of cancer.

Soil And Climate 

The ideal range of temperature required for the proper growth of wheat is 20- 25 degrees Celsius. Wheat can be cultivated in the temperature range of 3.5- 35 degrees Celsius. Areas that have a warm and damp climate, do not help in the growth of wheat but help in slowing it down or destroying it. If it rains just after the seeds have been sowed, the process of germination is hampered, and the chances of seedling blight are increased.


Stages In Wheat Cultivation 

1. Basal Stage:

This stage takes place before the sowing of the wheat seeds. FYM 1-2 t/ acre, Utkarsh Marvelz G 10kg/ acre, DAP 50kg/ acre, Urea 40kg/ acre, and MOP 20kg/ acre should be used in this stage. Marvelz- G helps in promoting the overall growth and development of plants and trees. The method of application in this stage is soil application.


wheat farming


2. Seed treatment:

Seed treatment is done at the time of sowing. At this stage, Utkrash Microbes or Trichoz should be used, 3 gm/ kg of seeds.

Microbes are a complete enrichment pack. It helps in preventing soil-borne fungal and bacterial diseases. Trichoz also helps prevent soil-borne diseases.


Wheat seed


3. After germination:

This takes place at the 5 leaves stage. Utkarsh Microbes should be used 1 kg/ acre, and Utkarsh vamoz L should be used 1 litre/ acre. This process is executed with the help of irrigation. 60- 70 days after the seeds have been sown, Utkarsh Horse power should be used 10 litre/ acre, Utkarsh Roots Multiplier should be used 1 litre/ acre, and Utkarsh Stress Free 1 litre/ acre. Horse power helps in photosynthesis, optimizing metabolism, and inducing flowering and fruit setting. Roots Multiplier helps in the quick growth and development of roots. Stress free promotes growth, improves crop quality, immunity, and resistance power. this is also applied by the method of irrigation.


wheat germination


4. Tillering:

This stage takes place 90 days after the seeds have been sowed. In this stage, Utkarsh Horse Power should be used, 2 litre/ acre, Utkarsh Marvel 250 ml/ acre, and Utkarsh ZinGap 250 gm/ acre. Utkarsh ZinGap helps prevent Zinc deficiencies, and it is also used in the formation of chlorophyll and certain carbohydrates. These products are applied by the method of spraying.


wheat farming


5. Stem Elongation:

This process takes place 110- 120 days after the sowing of the seeds. Utkarsh Bhim Plus is used 0.3 litre/ acre, Utkarsh F Enhancer is used 0.3 kg/ acre, and 13:00:45 1 kg/ acre. Bhim Plus increases the size and quality of fruits and flowers, and it also increases the activity of photosynthesis. F enhancer helps in reducing cracking of the fruits, prevents mix crop deficiencies, and improves the shelf life of fruits and flowers. the application of this is done by the process of spraying.


steam elongation wheat


6. Diseases Or Insects Observed 

If American pod borer, aphid, brown mite, army worm, cut worm, shoot fly, thrips, or pink stem borer is observed, Utkarsh Bio Clean Sweep 2 ml/ litre should be applied by the process of spraying. Bio clean sweep works in such a way that the spores of it come in contact with susceptible insects, germinate and grow directly through the cuticle to the inner body. This fungus in the insect’s body produces toxins, which drains the insect of the nutrients and kills it eventually.

If you see root-knot nematode, Utkarsh NematoNIL or NemoFungo should be applied by the process of drenching or with irrigation, 1 litre/ acre. NematoNIL works as a bio nematicide, and colonizes the eggs of phytopathogenic nematodes, and also the female nematodes. NemoFungo helps in controlling various soil-borne nematodes and fungi.

If termites are observed, Utkarsh TermiNIL should be applied 1 litre/ acre, by the method of drenching or with irrigation. TermiNIL works in the same way as Bio Clean Sweep.


wheat farming last stage



The national average yield of wheat is around 12- 13.8 quintals per hectare.



Wheat is harvested in the months of March and April. This crop is harvested by cutting the plants with a sickle, close to the ground.

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